Get Some Ink With Tattoo City on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

If the idea of running a clothing store, or a pet spa are just two bland for you, how does the idea of running a Tattoo Parlor sound to you? You can do just that in Wonderhill’s Tattoo City on Facebook.

The goal of the game is simple – create the biggest and best tattoo parlor in existence by tattooing your customers and earning money. The game requires more actual interaction on your part than other Facebook games, as you’ll earn money by taking “shifts,” which are active periods when your Tattoo Parlor is open.

You’ll be able to serve the customers who come in by deciphering their wants (very simplistic riddles of sorts), and choosing a tattoo pattern that matches their desires. For a couple of examples, someone might ask for a tattoo that is “red and yellow, on my arm,” and you would then look for a design that contained both yellow and red. Click on the design and you’re shown a particular area of the body, with arrows allowing you to choose different body parts. In this example, you would obviously choose the picture of the arm.

Once the choice has been made, your avatar goes to work at tattooing the customer, with the job being done in a matter of seconds. You’ll gain coins and experience points for a job well done, and more customers will line up to be served next. If you take too long in making a decision, waiting customers can become impatient and leave the shop.

After each shift, you have a few options for gameplay. You can either start another shift immediately, or you can go about spending your newly earned coins by redecorating the parlor or customizing your avatar. Your parlor can be upgraded with different flooring, different wallpaper options, more tattoo chairs, new windows, doors, and accessory items – mostly everything about the tattoo parlor can be changed to fit your own tastes.

In addition, your avatar can be customized with various skin and hair colors (including the outlandish like pink or purple – this is a tattoo parlor after all), different eyes, mouths, hairstyles and of course clothing itself.

As you earn funds, you can expand your shop to hold more decorations, thereby allowing you to add more decorations, and eventually tattoo chairs, allowing you to serve more customers at once.

The game is currently in the beta stages, and isn’t without a few glitches, but if you’d like to try this unique simulation game out, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, check out our video hands-on of the game to see exactly what to expect should you give this game a chance.

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