Find the New “Found” Items in Happy Island

Three new generic decorations have been added to the Happy Island marketplace. CrowdStar has continued with their nod to all things sparkly and gold with the release of a Golden Fountain, priced at an equally luxurious price of 250,000 coins, while the two other items do not fit into this theme.

The Mangrove Tree unlocks to users at level 26, after which point they can purchase one (or multiple) of these trees for 24,000 coins.

Lastly, a Blowhole items is a premium item, meaning that it’s available to all users regardless of level. It goes for a price of 44 Facebook Credits.

In addition to this, take a look at the new “Found” set of items (with backgrounds themed to resemble the “Lost” television series logo – get it? Lost and Found? …Nevermind), two of which are available to purchase alongside the three aforementioned items.

These two are both premium items – the Misplaced Foot goes for 29 Facebook Credits, while the Found 815 item goes for 39 Facebook Credits.

Any of these items sound interesting to you? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase them for yourself.

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