Enter to Win! Zynga + 7-Eleven + Contest = Free Stuff for FarmVille, Mafia Wars & YoVille

Now that you can snag special-edition virtual items for FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille by stocking up  on snacks at 7-Eleven – Who doesn’t want to win a free 7-Eleven gift card? (Rhetorical question.)

To celebrate the new Zynga cross-promotion at BuyEarnPlay.com, 7-Eleven (the Integer Group, a FreshWorks agency) has kindly provided Frisky Mongoose with a sizely stack of $10 gift cards to give away to you, our readers!

So how can YOU claim one? Easy! All you have to do is head over to our brand-spanking new forums and leave a comment HERE to enter to win.

Tell us about your favorite special 7-Eleven snack item – is it one that comes with a virtual game prize? (like FarmVille ice cream that comes with a free Neapolitan Cow code, Mafia Wars Brownie Bites that come with a Pepper Shaker weapon code, or a YoVille brownie that comes with a coffee machine code for your virtual home.)

Or can you think of other good cross-promotional items beyond the 20 virtual gifts currently on offer? Perhaps you’d like to see a bag of Jelly Beans that comes with a free Beanstalk code, or gummy worms that come with a free Frisky Mongoose…

Whatever the case, all commenters will be entered in a random drawing and 10 will win a free $10 gift card. You have 1 week to enter, so don’t delay. Contest winners will be announced next Monday and we’ll send gift cards by mail to 10 lucky readers.

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