is on a Quest to Find the Very Best in iPad Coverage

Dozen Media has launched, a reviews website dedicated to searching through the heaps of iPad related news sources, developer websites, game pages and more in an effort to help consumers find the pages that matter, and to separate them from the sites that users should avoid.

DozeniPad contains two main types of website ratings – Tops and Flops. It is Dozen’s attempt to make the site a sort of online hub for all things iPad. Interested in finding a new game to play or a convenient organizational app that will help you when on the go? As Dozen grows, they will be able to provide you with links to websites offering just that and apparently much, much more.

As the site launched just this month, Dozen Media is looking for outlets to fill its database, and is offering all website owners a chance to find a place in their database. For any iPad related website, editors are encouraged to send their website URL and a descriptive paragraph about the site to Dozen Media ([email protected]).

“The iPad tablet is causing a real buzz online, but as it is still in its infancy, iPad users may feel a bit lost online. Thankfully, has been launched and will help iPad users all over the world find the best sites for the apple tablet in super-quick time. But that’s not all, if you are an apple developer or blogger and currently have a new iPad website that you want the world to know about, then we can provide a free global space for your iPad site,” says Daniel Raz, the Managing Editor of Dozen Media, via a company press release.

For more information about DozeniPad, or to start searching through their growing database of resources, head over to its official website now.

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