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google drive offline installer

Google recently unveiled its venture in cloud service. With Google Drive service Google has joined the league of rivals like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dropbox and many more. However, people will be more inclined to go for services like Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox since it is backed up by big guns. Early adopters of SkyDrive would have cashed in 25GB of free storage by now. Despite offering less space compared to SkyDrive (7GB for new sign ups), Google’s Drive venture is big yes-yes for people like us due to the fact that this service is backed up by various Google services like web store apps, Android app and Google Docs and more.

We have already provided a comprehensive Google Drive guide (installation guide can be found here). If you’re new to the service, then you should perhaps check out our previous posts to get familiar with the service and its usage. We’re still outlining few important point for our readers here. Google Drive offers free 5GB storage upon sign up. Users will have to use their existing email address to use it. Google Docs will be now merged with Google Drive.  It will place a dedicated folder on your Windows PC which will be synced automatically.

Should you want to not to update certain files to Google Drive, then you will have to use a folder option. All the files which do not want to sync should be placed in the folder. There is a provision to not to sync folder to Google Drive (look for Google Drive icon in taskbar tray and go to Preferences by right clicking on it).

Google Drive Offline Installer

Are you looking for Google Drive offline installer? Normally, you would get downloader version from here. For certain reason, like Windows 7 refuses to let you install it behind proxy, you would want to go for easy to use offline installer instead. Offline installer is extremely important for those who are behind proxy or people like me who uses multiple PC with no internet connection. In such case downloader version is not a feasible option.

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