Real APK Leecher: Download Android APK on Desktop PC

real apk leecherThe world is obsessed about the Android APK downloading programs. The discernible reason behind that is a level of flexibility and convenience offered by such program. We also do not see them cidevant in foreseeable future. Few months back, we shared a method to download Android APK from Google Play store directly using a dandy Google Chrome extension. That article is still receiving huge traffic from Google search engine which only proves the fact that people like to download APK files on desktop PC. Later, you can sideload these applications once you download them on your PC. There are array of applications and tweaks available which let you do that. In the near future, we will share methods to sideload multiple android APKs through various desktop utilities.

Real APK Leecher, a new aspirant enters the brimming field with a hope to become the best application in this segment. The portable JAVA based application offers a comfort to explore and download APK files from Desktop PC without the need of advanced settings. You would be required to use your Google account and device ID in order to download APKs from Google Play store. Of course, in such situation, if you are a bit circumspect about handing over your Google account credential to third party application, you could create a new account and use it. Advanced users can use 2-step verification system to prevent any fender-bender.

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  • Easily download android APK from Google Play PC
  • Copy Link Location for Later access
  • Search app using Vendor name, Package name or custom
  • Download app icon
  • Search related apps
  • View app on Google Play store for description
  • Know file size
  • Cancel the download at any time
  • Configure number of applications to show
  • Save filename in different format for easy reference
  • Select the default location to save downloaded APK files
  • Rename or batch rename APK files

Let’s learn how to use real APK leecher program to download files from your PC. Make sure, you have Java installed on your system in order for this program to work on your PC. You can always download Java from this location.

How to Use Real APK Leecher

Step 1: Go to end of the post to download the Real APK Leecher program

real apk leecher options

Step 2: Run the Java file or .exe file from the zip archive. An option window will open. You would require to supply your Google account email, password and device ID. There are few other options available like configuring default file location. It will save APK files in that folder by default.

To find the device ID type *#*#8255#*#* on your phone. It will display something like below. Just input the part after android- in the Device ID section. Alternatively, you can download Device ID app from Google Play store.

device id android

Step 3: Just search Android market (now Google Play) option on top right corner. Input the appropriate search query and you will be presented with all the relevant applications.

downloading apk files

Step 4: Right click on the app and select “download this app” option to begin downloading an APK file on your PC.

That’s pretty much all!!! Wasn’t it easy? Well, you can go ahead and check out the default folder to see whether the application works or not. Unfortunately, there is no resume support by the application. You are on your own if your download gets interrupted due to one or another reason. In such case, it would be always advisable to go to the default folder and download the APK manually. Of course, it is not going to hurt your device, but why take a chance.

We also strongly recommend to create separate Google account if you’re a bit skeptic.

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