Consumers Ready for More SMS Alerts

It might come as a surprise, but according to Mobile Marketing Watch, consumers actually wish they received more SMS messages than they already do.

A recent study published by Dialogue Communications has found that over 67 percent of polled consumers would like to receive a higher amount of SMS messages in the form of appointment and other event reminders.

Currently, only 3 percent of polled consumers receive reminders via text messages, with the others being forced to rely on older methods like standard mail or telephone calls.

However, that might soon be changing, if companies decide to take studies like these to heart, as 60 percent of those polled not only said they wanted to receive text reminders, but also confirmed that they would voluntarily opt-in to such a service should it become available.

While there may be the potential here for misuse of the system, with companies sending out more than just text reminders, the reasoning behind the reminders themselves is sound, as text messages are stored for future reference on an item that most people would never leave home without, whereas a piece of paper can easily be forgotten or lost.

What do you guys think about this situation? Would you be interested in receiving text reminders on your cell phones, or is the convenience therein not worth giving out your number?

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