Co-Op Farming Has Launched in FarmVille

Earlier in the week, we reported on the latest FarmVille podcast that gave word of the release of co-op farming within FarmVille. At the time, we didn’t know when the feature would be coming to the massively popular game, but the wait is already over, as co-op farming has launched in the game!

The Co-Op Farming menu replaces the Delete tool in the bottom right corner of the gameplay area (the Delete tool is now available in the pop-up menu under the arrow icon). The next time you load the game, you’ll be introduced to the feature with a series of pop-ups, as seen below.

The rules are simple – you’ll find outstanding challenges on the co-op farming menu screen. If you choose to participate in the challenge, you’ll have a set amount of time to complete the task at hand, and will be rewarded with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal based on how quickly you and your collective group of friends (that is, those that also choose to participate) finish the mission. You’ll earn coins, experience points, exclusive new items, and even work your way towards new ribbons for completing the challenges.

Enter into the Co-Op Farming menu proper, and you’ll see a list of outstanding tasks that can be completed with your network of farmers. As we can see below, my network has one outstanding challenge – Fashion Bug – which challenges myself and my friends to grow a certain number of grapes (counted by the square) within the next four days.

Clicking on the “Join” button brings up a secondary menu screen that provides more information about the challenge, including how many seeds have already been planted, how many have been harvested, and which specific friends are participating (their pictures would show up at the bottom – I have removed them to protect their anonymity). Along the right side, you’ll see the qualifications for earning each of the three medals. As you can see, the faster we complete the mission, the more experience points and coins we’ll earn.

You can keep track of your co-op farming stats by viewing your job history, which keeps track of how many jobs you’ve completed, and how many of each medal you’ve earned, among other stats.

As of right now, there are three ribbons up for grabs for those participating in these new co-op farming tasks. They are found under the Ribbons tab of the co-op farming menu.

If you load the game and you don’t see the new co-op farming feature, be patient, as not all farmers are receiving immediate access to the new feature. Some received the update late last night, while others, like myself, didn’t receive access to the feature until this morning. Head over to your farm to see if you’re one of the lucky farmers who can try this feature out.

Happy farming!

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