Céiron Wars Open Beta Launch Date Announced

Céidot Game Studios is happy to announce an official open beta launch date with a mini-movie for Céiron Wars, which is an RPG-Strategy game based on a dark atmosphere of Céiron universe.

Before the open beta, players whose commanders are created via our pre-registration tool will be able start the game with special bonuses. We strongly encourage you to prepare your commander character before the launch date in order to obtain your bonus items and stat points.

Check out the sweet new mini-movie

Players who will not have their commanders ready before the launch date can also register the game after the launch, create their commanders and join the unique universe of Céiron, on the other hand, they will not receive bonus items and/or stat points like pre-registered commanders.

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While you are waiting for the main title, you can enjoy yourself with Céiron Arena, which is a mini-game based on Céiron Wars concept and can be played freely via Facebook. Unlike Céiron Wars, Céiron Arena can only played via Facebook platform.

About Céidot Game Studios

Céidot was established on 2005 and so far developed the following games: Sovereign Symphony™, Sovereign Symphony Online™, Soccer Arena™, Oynatak™, Umaykut Online™ and Umaykut Legend™. Currently, Céidot has more than one and a half million players registered to its games that are being published. Details are as follows; Sovereign Symphony Online (2007) 390.000, Umaykut Online (2009) 850.000, Umaykut Legend (2010) 47.000 and Oynatak (2010) 220.000.

While Céidot gamers are about to hit 2 million-level, our game studio had been working on a special project as a main game title for a long time. This title, Céiron Wars™, is a multi-platform game which includes Windows™ or Linux based PC platforms or Macintosh™ platform altogether. The game will have a Facebook™ port as well.

This article was written by Ayra Karaoğulları Ermiş on behalf of Céidot Game Studios.

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