for iOS – A Utility Combo of Mobile Browser and RSS Reader

Apple has ruled the smartphone world, as an innovator and pioneer of smartphone and apps era, by churning out innovative and useful apps consequently. There are plenty of apps and utility that suits each and every needs of a common man. One similar app called Brow. si for years has descended upon us. Yes iTunes store is being flooded with new apps each day and it is battling its skin out with Google Play Store. If we talk about feed or RSS reader there are plenty of rich options available to use your fingers and eyes around. But how do you feel when you find something that let you surf the net alongside enabling you to read RSS feeds. Sounds interesting? Here is the app with mentioned characteristics. for iOS will act as mobile browser as well as a casual Feed reader.


Here is a list of features that you will get with

  • Push Notification – Surf the websites and select the ones you like. Now you can get push notification for the each new content on the website of your choice.
  • Send to – You can use to get great content to your desktop and back to your mobile devices, with no limitations by using’s  “Reading List feature”.
  • Sharing – You can use to have fast, one click, multi-platform sharing. for ios

Review  of

While using the app we have found it quite easy to use. The user interface of the app does not bore you with a crowded option or feature list. Everything is just in place and better organization gives the user a pleasant experience. seems to be understanding the users need very well.  Unarguably, it seems to be one of the more established browser in the market.

In order to start using the app after downloading and installing it, you have to sign in the app with any social media account from Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. After you provide the required details of any of your social network accounts, you will be redirected to a screen with three important buttons at the left bottom corner of the screen. for ios

share option

  1. Timeline: It will show you notification from the websites you have subscribed
  2. Reading list: This list shows you the websites you have subscribed to. You can tap any 1 from the list and can directly surf it from there.
  3. Browser: This works as a normal mobile browser where you can manually type URL and surf the net.

On the right bottom corner of the screen you will find an option of settings. The Settings screen of the app will let user specify the frequency of push notifications, as well as manage user can manage his/her account and subscription settings.

The browsing efficiency of in app browser is just magnificent. In the browser you will find a navigation button on the right side upper corner of the screen. Pressing that button will expose you to the list of options being revealed on a horizontal strip. The options, for the sake of knowledge, are subscribing to the page’s feed, sharing the page on social media, changing the font size and accessing the app’s settings. In order to subscribe any web page you are surfing just tap the copy button, followed by the reading list or timeline buttons.

There are two more buttons at the bottom that let you connect with Pocket and Readability. These two features enable user to read the subscriptions offline.

You can also share the webpage on supported social media service and you can mail the web page too!


  • It’s a feature rich app with extensively easy and user friendly navigation.
  • It serves well in the claimed functioning area.
  • Swipe enabled app which responds smoothly.
  • Stable app.
  • Social sharing and E-mail sharing features of the browser.
  • Push notifications for subscription
  • Class oriented app.
  • Little boring theme.


  • Lack of themes
  • Integration with more platform

We Are All Ears:

The app developed by MySiteApp is worth to have if you are a fan of RSS and Feed reader. It’s a classy solution to keep a tab on your favorite websites and browse websites on a single platform. The developers are also working on a feature for a future update that will allow you to synchronize your subscriptions between desktop and iOS! Just go for the app, if it suits your requirements.

Ricky Shah
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