5 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

During autumn, leaves start cluttering all around your outdoor spaces; ergo, stalwart lawn gardeners need a reliable and powerful backpack leaf blower to keep lawns well-maintained. With our exhaustive collection of the best backpack leaf blowers, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning debris, leaves, or grass clippings from your lawn, driveway, patios, decks, and more.

After trimming overgrown grass, the next challenge you will face is that of removing the trimmed grass – can be done with a rake but with a backpack leaf blower, you can complete the task faster without expending much energy.

In a gardening world, by investing in a backpack model you will get phenomenal benefits that can’t be matched by standard models. Still, there is an unwillingness to make the switch? That’s fine! After spending countless hours on the testing backpack leaf blower, we’ve come up with Best Backpack Leaf Blower on the market for you to invest in – starting with the Greenworks.

Best Backpack Leaf Blowers

Have a look at the list of best backpack leaf blowers curated for you. The list is created based on several criteria like price, efficiency, power, guarantee, ease of operation, portability, longevity, power, and many others. Please go through the summary, pros, and cons list to get a quick overview of each and every product.

1. 145MPH – 580CFM Battery Backpack Blowers



  • Model: GreenWorks BPB80L00
  • Voltage: 80V
  • Max Air Speed: 145mph
  • Max Air Volume: 580 CFM
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • Decibel Rating: N/A
  • Warranty: 4 years


In our 3 years of backpack leaf blower testing, Greenworks BPB80L00 has been the most powerful backpack we’ve used. With up to 580 CFM in the volume of air and 145 miles per hour of airspeed, it’s capable enough for quick work of blowing away wet and dry leaves from your property without the downsides that come with a gas blower.

This blower features a brushless motor with an 80 volts battery system which helps to increase the efficiency of the tool. As it is a backpack leaf blower you can save enough storage space at your garage and you can easily access it whenever you feel the need.

There is a variable speed control that will help you to vary the speed as per the size or type of leaves or debris you want to clean. To clean wet leaves, it requires more MPH and dry leaves require less speed. Also, it includes the cruise control feature, which helps you to keep the blower running at a particular speed while you are operating it.

It is considered as one of the best products on the market if you wish to have an environmentally friendly machine. This machine is operated with the help of a battery pack and will produce a good amount of power which is efficient enough to clear away larger piles of dry, damp, or wet leaves.

Though this device is very small and compact still it is great if the work has to be done around your home. The GreenWorks BPB80L00 Cordless Backpack Blower is super impressive as it features sheer power, makes it efficient enough as an electric leaf blower.

This backpack blower shall run around 30 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to charge up – such type of leaf blower is not ideal for the business or large estate. For instance, if you have an average-sized yard then it can be considered a perfect fit for you as per the needs.

As it weighs around 8 pounds, it will be easy to operate and transport. This leaf blower is highly recommended for them who want a powerful leaf blower but do not have any experience as well as knowledge of starting a gas backpack leaf blower as there are no cords to be pulled.

All the desirable features such as user-friendly, powerful and efficient, can be achieved by this leaf blower. Till now GreenWorks BPB80L00 80V Cordless Backpack Blower is the best for the homeowners or operators who actually wish to invest in an environment-friendly machine that too without having to compromise on power.


  • Lesser operation noise
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for larger yards
  • The battery shall drain fast

Pro Tip

Speed trigger and cruise control will help you to select and maintain the speed you desire without any efforts and fatigue.

2. Husqvarna 350BT (Highly Functional Gas Backpack Leaf Blower)



  • Model: Husqvarna 350BT
  • Motor: 50 cc
  • Max Air Speed: 180 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 494 CFM
  • Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Decibel Rating: 96dB
  • Warranty: 2 years


If the Greenworks isn’t available or you’re willing to invest in a gas backpack leaf blower, we like the Husqvarna 350BT. It is known as a midsized best backpack leaf blower and just because of this reason the first thing that will come to your mind is comfort while operating this leaf blower.

This leaf blower features a 2.1HP X-TORQ engine which is considered as super powerful. With this engine, one can save around 20% of fuel consumption and it is famous for a 60% reduction in emissions compared with other gas backpack leaf blowers. Just because of the two-stroke engine it can churn a maximum power speed of 7500RPM and capable enough to generate an airspeed of 180MPH with the help of a blow tube. Through such power, this leaf blower is efficient enough to lodge off wet leaves and also stubborn debris.

The weight of this machine is around 22.5 lbs, which is ideally lightweight from point of view of power that this leaf blower generates. With the help of an adjustable padded harness which includes wide shoulder straps and also a hip belt – weight is distributed, vibration is not experienced, and increases the working hours.

Husqvarna 350BT consists of soft-grip handles that can be easily adjusted in a position that is required for your hand and wrist. It also features cruise control; it will help you out to maintain a steady speed for a longer period of time and this work can be done easily. There is only one downside of this leaf blower that it is not ideal for left-handed operators.

There is an offset handle that will prevent the arm from pulling downwards and also eases out the blow force control. This leaf blower also features an air purge, it will remove air from the carburetor, the fuel system and provides quick as well as efficient starting. Ideally, on the second pull, this leaf blower will start easily.

It has a high capacity fuel tank, so it is capable enough of holding 42.27 ounces of fuel and it can sustain for a longer period of time. When a leaf blower is gas powered then it is but obvious that it will be a bit noisy; features a noise level of 104 decibels and 94 decibels to the user’s ear. So, it is recommended for the operators to wear earplugs while operating such kinds of leaf blowers.


  • Better performance
  • Ease in usage
  • Durability


  • Fuel consumption
  • Loud noise
  • No vacuum features

Pro Tip

With the help of soft-grip handles, one can easily adjust the position which is required for your hand and wrist.

3. Poulan Pro 48cc (Gas Powered Leaf Blower)



  • Model: Poulan Pro PR48BT
  • Motor: 48 CC
  • Max Air Speed: 200 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 475 CFM
  • Weight: 22 lb
  • Decibel Rating: 96.7 dB
  • Warranty: 2 Years


If Husqvarna is not available or you are not satisfied with its airspeed, we suggest going with the Poulan Pro PR48BT as it features 200 MPH. The Poulan Pro backpack leaf blower has been known as Best Backpack Leaf Blower just because of its 2 strokes and 48 cc engine. But do not get surprised by knowing that it will deliver a wind speed of up to 200 mph that shall clear wet debris shortly. The weight of this snow blower is 22 pounds and also features variable speed controls, a soft-grip handle, and a harness that will reduce the load.

While it consists of more power still it is considered the quietest of all the other units. This machine is lightweight enough to be used for a longer period of time. There is a variable throttle function that is easy to control. Just because of the cruise control, now you need not keep a consistent speed with most variable speed throttle controls.

When you are going to have a leaf blower that features small 2 stroke motors then reliability will always be a concern. But with Poulan Pro 48cc backpack blower it will be effective every single time. Trigger’s response does not require any statements to describe, all it can be said that it is instant. Even though it features a heavy-duty design still this leaf blower is compact enough to be placed anywhere.

By just having a glance towards this leaf blower you might not imagine that there are many other uses than just clearing leaves from the lawn; powerful enough to clear rocks and whatever is supposed to be moved out of your way. You can also dry your car or even clear the snow from the sideway. Just because of its commercial-grade power, you would fail to find something which cannot be done by this leaf blower.


  • 48 cc engine helps to deliver 200 mph wind speed and 475 air volume
  • Adjustable shoulder straps will enable to adjust as per the shape of the body
  • Lightweight especially for a backpack blower


  • Noisy operation
  • Not ideal for the heaviest duty jobs

Pro Tip

Just because of the cruise control there is no need to keep a consistent speed with most variable speed throttle controls.

4. Troy-Bilt TB4BP (Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology)


  • Model: Troy-Bilt TB4BP
  • Motor: 32 cc
  • Max Air Speed: 210 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 520 CFM
  • Weight: 17.4 lbs
  • Decibel Rating: 73 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years


If there is one thing from which everyone has been frustrated by operating a 2 stroke best backpack leaf blower then it is efforts that are required to mix oil and also gas together in equal amounts so that the unit operates properly. By just making a minor mistake it will result in a huge problem. So, there is the only way in order to avoid this problem is that to have a 4 stroke gas backpack leaf blower, which will not require any kind of mixing gas with the oil because this leaf blower features a reservoir for each of them just like it is present in a car.

This leaf blower also features a reliable 32 cc engine in order to have better performance. There is also a Coolflex backpack design with padded straps which will help to decrease fatigue. It can be considered as the strongest backpack blower. By having this feature, it will also circulate cool air in the backpack so that the user is not affected by the leaf blower’s heat.

This leaf blower is efficient enough to generate 500 CFM of air volume as well as 150 mph of airspeed, this is all you need in order to clear a yard that has a peskier of debris. As it features SpringAssist technology and JumpStart capability so it is easy for this leaf blower to start with less or no effort. There is also a long flex tube which is considered as one of the best features of this leaf blower. Just because of the long flex tube it makes it easy to have when it is required to get under or around the objects.

This backpack leaf blower is very lightweight just because it is under 22 pounds and with the help of CoolFlex backpack design, an operator can use this leaf blower for a longer period of time. The dimension of this leaf blower is 21.3” X 19.4” X 16.1” and so it makes it easy for everyone to operate this leaf blower. There is no need to pull in order to get ready to be operated just because of QuickStart.

On the other hand, when this Troy Bilt best backpack leaf blower will run out of fuel, you need not start mixing oil and gas. All such features will make this leaf blower ideal for commercial usage or maybe it can be considered as perfect for the landowners who actually have large properties and also requires a bit of more work.


  • No need to mix oil and gas
  • JumpStart engine
  • Lightweight as it is 17.4 lbs
  • Low noise because the decibel rating is 73 dB
  • High speed up to 210 MPH


  • Small tank because of 26 fl. Oz.
  • Low CFM as it is 500 CFM

Pro Tip

This leaf blower features an ergonomic mounted tube lever which will help you to easily control while using or operating.

5. Echo PB-580T Back Pack Blower with Tube Mounted Throttle


  • Model: Echo PB-580T
  • Motor: 58.2 cc
  • Max Air Speed: 215 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 510 CFM
  • Weight: 22.6 lbs
  • Decibel Rating: 70 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years


Echo PB-580T leaf blower is considered as a small leaf blowers. This leaf blower is not ideal for clearing large lawns or gardens or larger properties. For instance, if you are supposed to use it to clean your own yard or if there is little snow then this leaf blower is perfect to be used. With this leaf blower, you will also get the latest impeller fan in order to have quiet and comfortable courtyard care.

While this leaf blower features a 58.2 cc engine and a professional 2 stroke engine but the horsepower is not much large and this leaf blower features low noise while operating, so it is suitable for the home user.

Additionally, there is a ventilated backpack that increases the air circulation and would not make the user feel stuffy even during hot summers. It also features 215 mph air velocity and also a two stage compliant low emission engine. It also features many best qualities of full grade professional backpack blowers and also there is a powerful echo that has four anti-vibration springs, it will help to keep the fatigue away while operating it.

This leaf blower weighs at 22.6 lbs. and so this leaf blower is perfect for mid-level operations. Just because of the tool-less air filtration system it is easy to maintain. In this leaf blower, there is a plastic body but still, it would not cause any problem to the operators. It will make the operators place down their rake and also make their work much easier by just using an electric tool.

There are a padded backrest and also shoulder straps for you to have a comfortable operation. There are also Posi-locTM pipe connectors in order to have a secure connection. Whereas, vented back pad will allow air to circulate to the operator to get user comfort during the hot weather. Just because there is a metal wear ring it will protect the leaf blower pipe from damage. The pleated, automotive-style air filter will provide you with superior air filtration for long engine life.

While such a backpack blower is a bit expensive compared to the other models and so it will be worth having it because it is a premium choice of many manufacturers. Ideally, it has been tailored for the professionals and not for them who are only supposed to do a few jobs in their yard.


  • Starts quickly
  • Ease of collection of leaves
  • It can be maintained simply
  • Pumps out the air in order to accomplish the task


  • Heavy
  • Louder than other backpack blowers

Pro Tip

It features a 2 stroke engine and the durable which means it can be easily transported.

Backpack Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

While it is difficult to understand what sort of backpack leaf blowers should be selected, our expert has invested over 100s of hours to help you out in selecting a better one by providing a comprehensive buyer’s guide for selecting the right backpack leaf blower.

Why You Should Have a Backpack Leaf Blower?

Do you have a large garden or yard area to clean up? Then you should invest in a very effective gas backpack leaf blower. By operating handheld blowers in larger areas, it will cause pain in your arms and hands after a few minutes of usage.

Backpack Leaf Blowers, in spite of being heavy, will not cause pain to your hands and arms as they are carried on your shoulders and back. While operating a backpack-style blower, your hands will be free and one can easily target the dead leaves and other debris spread over your garden and lawn areas.

Leaf Blower Power Source Options

You are going to find both electric and gas powered backpack leaf blower options on the market. Each of them has unique attributes that will play a major role while you’re making the final selection.

1. Electric Backpack Leaf Blowers

An Electric Backpack Leaf Blower is much quieter than its gas powered leaf blower. It requires less maintenance, easy to start, and lighter in weight. This type of backpack leaf blower can be a perfect fit for smaller pieces of land such as those under one acre.

2. Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

A gas powered backpack leaf blower will provide more power as it runs on gasoline and effective force than an electric version. Such type of models is ideal for larger properties and tough jobs. The operator should have proper upper body strength as such type of back leaf blower features a manual pull start. It also requires proper maintenance and a special fuel has to be purchased.

  • Maintenance

Following are few maintenance tasks for a gas powered backpack leaf blower:

  1. Scrutiny of the spark plug and replacing it with a new one as per the need
  2. Cleaning the fan blades and carburetor
  3. Removing the old fuel out of the blower’s gas tank
  4. Check out the blower’s fuel line, fuel filter, cables, and connections for any issues and then repair or replace it with the fresh one.
  5. 2 Cycle VS 4 Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower Engines

All the best backpack leaf blowers will ideally depend on a small gas engine of power. This means that the engine in your blower either can be 2 cycle engines or 4 cycle engines.

The 2 cycle engine features a high power to weight ratio. On the other hand, some of the models feature the potential to pack around twice the power with the same space just like 4 cycle backpack leaf blower engines, just because of this reason it makes the leaf blower an ideal option for everyone looking for speedy work.

2 cycle engines feature fewer moving parts than the 4 cycle engines – ultimately it will make them light in weight to carry; utmost necessary benefit if you are supposed to wear your backpack for a longer period of time.

While 2 cycle backpack blowers are comfortable just because of their lightweight but even 4 cycle backpacks can be comfortable as they run cooler. Backpack leaf blower with 4 cycle engines is designed in such a way that there is fuel efficiency, which ultimately results in that you will be able to burn less fuel to do your work.

But a best 4 cycle backpack leaf blower is considered as quieter than the 2 cycles best backpack leaf blower. It also depends on how comfortable you feel while operating your best backpack leaf blower even though you are wearing proper hearing protection.

  • Features to be Considered Before Buying Backpack Leaf Blowers

Speed control or variable throttle will help you to adjust the considerable power of a backpack leaf blower, for instance, while operating the leaf blower you will come across delicate flowers or maybe new plantings while clearing your property so speed control will be helpful during that phase.

However, the price of the best backpack leaf blowers shall start at around $150 for a basic gas powered best backpack leaf blower, while the price of some of the new and updated electric best backpack leaf blower can cost around $1200.

1. Noise Levels

Some petrol-powered machinery is so noisy that many of the communities ban their use during certain times of the day. One should choose a model that fits their local community’s decibel standards and also ensures you to wear hearing protection while using the backpack leaf blower.

2. Engine Size

The prime reason for operating a backpack leaf blower is to lighten the workload. Select a backpack leaf blower model that will carry out small jobs or the biggest jobs that requires more power. But if you are looking for a commercial function that too with super large spaces then buy the top cc.

3. Pollution

If you are planning to have a gas filled backpack leaf blower, remember that emissions can be dangerous. One should opt for an eco-friendly model that will control fumes and wear a mask if necessary. Most of the backpack leaf blower models come with pollution control features and are compliant with basic regional standards.

4. Throttle Controls

Each backpack leaf blower will have a throttle that will help you to control the engine’s power output. It is highly necessary to regulate the blower’s fuel consumption and also saving power so that it is easy to move the heaviest and most stubborn pieces of yard debris.

Various models of backpack leaf blowers have the throttle in different positions:

  • Being mounted to the airflow tube.
  • It can be attached to an arm that is extended from the backpack’s frame.

Moreover, tube-mounted throttle controls will have the advantage because it is placed on a handle and that would be in holding by the operator to point the nozzle easily. As they allow for greater and better control so it is the most common option.

A tube mounted throttle will control backpack leaf blowers to keep the operator’s hands and wrists at a natural position so that there is no injury and fatigue.

5. Comfortable Features and Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic products are designed in such a way to support the actions of the human body so that the operator does not face any stress injuries. As the manufacturers are well aware of how much people spend time while using or operating their best backpack leaf blowers – so many of them include certain features on their machine or products, which might help you out with buying decision:

  • Back panel and padded straps
  • Adjustable hip belt
  • Padded handle grip or rubberized
  • Adjustable handle
  • Anti-vibration mounts

6. CARB-Compliant Engines

Just like regular gas handheld leaf blowers, the best backpack leaf blowers also use small engines that are supposed to meet the standards set forth by the California Air Resource Board (CARB), for instance, if the best backpack leaf blower is going to be sold in California.

The standards of CARB for fuel emissions are designed to help combat the problem of air pollution in the respective state. Additionally, efficient 4 cycle engines of the best backpack leaf blower shall help you to meet such regulations. But if you are living outside of California then shopping for a CARB-compliant leaf blower will help you to reduce your fuel consumption.

Genius Geeks helps you select the best backpack leaf blowers that are easy on your pocket. No need to spend a fortune in selecting the right cordless or battery operated lead blowers this autumn season.

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