Atari Gets a Whole Bunch of Downloads

I don’t necessarily think it’s surprising that people enjoy Breakout and Asteroids. We’ve known this for a while.

Still, for those games and a few others in Atari’s catalog to rack up over 10 million downloads in a single year… okay, that’s impressive. I’ll give you that.

TriplePoint client Atari may now safely boast, with that figure to stand on.

So, they did:

Atari, one of the world’s most recognizable publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, today announced that its library of mobile games has reached a new milestone exceeding 10 million downloads across iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices in less than a year. Including hit titlesAtari’s® Greatest HitsAsteroids: Gunner™ and Breakout: Boost™, the achievement reinforces Atari’s continued expansion of its user base with the release of new titles based on its core intellectual property for today’s leading mobile platforms. Atari further expects to announce several new games based off of its popular IP in the upcoming months.


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