Apple Gobbles Up Siri, Gets Personal

Apple just appears to be on quite the buying spree lately with purchasing Intrinsity, a chip manufacturer and now Siri. Yesterday, Apple made the official announcement that they had purchased Siri, which is a mobile app maker designed to make everyday tasks more efficient. According to estimation, Apple could have paid upwards of $200 million for Siri.

Siri claims to be makers of what Mobile Marketing Watch describes as “a mobile virtual personal assistant.” The way it works is that a user can ask the iPhone or iPad app real world questions and it will attempt to analyze the question to come up with an accurate response based on location, time and other data.

Seems strange for Apple to be buying an app, but also smart as well. Siri sounds like a product that could make the Apple devices much more appealing with that technology. Google already has speech-to-text built into Android, so this may be a way for Apple to enter in that world.

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Harshil Patel

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