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If you’re like me, you enjoy taking your phone everywhere you go and especially in your car. I find myself making important phone calls or listening to music whenever I’m driving these days and making that process very simple should be as quick and easy of process as possible.

Custom Car Home, while not the most robust app, does well in providing a sleek and easy interface as well as a few features that make your phone especially easy to use while driving.

Custom Car Home’s layout is very simple: It’s a large list of the most important apps that you’ll need when you’re on the go.

Now, I don’t use these apps when at home very often so they’re not apps I would put on my main home screen so it’s nice that this app has a totally separate app display showing these car-centric apps.

Along with having a large interface designed to make your phone easy to use in the car, the app also has some ‘background’ features as well.

You can set the phone to enable speakerphone, Bluetooth automatically as well as tell it to keep the screen on permanently while the app is running. All very useful when stopped at a stoplight and need to check an app quickly.

Custom Car Home is currently available on the Android Market.

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