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Asphalt Street Storm Racing Download for Android & iOS!

Asphalt Street Storm Racing From the dawn of video games, we’ve been introduced to some brilliant games like Tetris, Mario Bros and the list is endless. The craze for racing games has spiked with the evolution of technology. Gameloft, the game developer that gave us many amazing games yet till date, the Asphalt series remain the crown jewel for them. Asphalt Storm, also known as, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is the third street-based game in the Asphalt Series. This is also the first drag racing game in the…
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Battlefield Companion App

Battlefield 1 APK: Download Battlefield 1 Companion App!

Battlefield 1 APK Distributed by the Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth game of the Battlefield series with the theme of World War I. As the game is a first person version; it is named as “1” because of the theme and the shooting methodology. So today I will be giving you direct links to download Battlefield 1 APK. Previously, I posted about PES 2017 too! Despite the name, this one is very prominent and advanced unlike the last Battlefield installments and also probably the first…
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Pokemon Go Hack

Pokemon Go Hack 0.63.1 & Pokemon Go 1.33.1 Hack

Pokemon Go 1.33.1 Hack Pokemon Go Hack 0.63.1 & Pokemon Go 1.33.1 Hack are the most searched terms these days because there are many gamers who are finding a way to crack the gems in it. If you are not finding any Pokemon Go hacks, your search ends here. 😀 We have got some of the finest Pokemon Go 0.63.1 hack, cheats and trick by which you can easily crack the hidden gems in it. Working List of 12 Pokemon Go 0.63.1 Hacks This is not the…
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Battle Bay PC

Download Battle Bay for PC on Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac!

Battle Bay PC The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment Ltd. are in no mood to create another version of Angry Birds. In fact, they have come up with a brand new action packed game, Battle Bay. Today, I am going to explain the Battle Bay PC download procedure so that you can play this Android game on your PC using various emulators. Battle Bay for PC is a real-time multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) game that lures every gamer in action genre. As compared to other action…
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Magearna QR Code

Magearna QR Code for Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Japan Etc!

Magearna QR Code Magearna QR Code for  Europe, Australia and Japan Users added in the content below. The code isn’t released for UK users as of now! So are you ready to use Magearna QR Code on your Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon game? If not, brace yourselves because Magearna QR Code is already released in Australia, US, UK, Europe (EU), Canada, Africa, Asia and many other countries! If you were facing problems while scanning the code on your device, you could read a detailed post on how to…
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Super Mario Run for PC Download

Super Mario Run PC Download for Windows XP/7/8/10 & Mac

Super Mario Run PC The most awaited game Super Mario Run PC is now finally available for Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac users. Though the Super Mario Run is just released for iOS devices, you can play Super Mario Run for PC as well. By installing Super Mario Run on PC, you can play this Android game on your computer, laptop and Mac books as well. Before we dive into the process of Super Mario Run PC download, let me show you some important features and gameplay by…
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Magearna QR Code Not Working

Magearna QR Code Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Magearna QR Code Not Working? Magearna QR code for USA, Europe, Japan  and Australia Added. UK users have to wait for some more time. Magearna QR code was live for those who have completed their Pokemon Sun or Moon in Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, EU, Philippines etc! But for few Pokemon trainers, it seems like Magearna QR code is not working! So today, I am going to explain about how to fix Magearna QR code not working in detail! Before you get into the actual subject, it is a must for…
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Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Pokemon Go IV Calculator. Know Which Pokemon is the Best for You!

Pokemon Go IV Calculator Last year, July; an amazing launch (Pokemon Go IV Calculator) has been done on the stores which took the internet by storm. While Pokemon Go game literally shook the gaming world, the air it contained has been persisting till now and the proof is in the form of multiple updated versions which are being constantly released by the developers. Also, apart from the real game version, there are multiple supportive apps, hacking tools which are being developed from time to time to help…
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Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel Download for Android & iOS Devices!

Pokemon Duel Download There’s no explanation required to showcase the success of Pokemon Go game right after its release. Following the footsteps of Pokemon Go, Pokémon Duel has been launched as a battle game for Android & iOS users! Gaming freaks are going to love Pokemon Duel game for sure! 😀 Today, in this post, I will explain everything about Pokemon Duel battle game! Right from the features, Gameplay, how to download Pokemon Duel on your Android & iOS devices & how to battle it with your friends…
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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Not Working

Pokemon Go Apple Watch Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it!

Pokemon Go Apple Watch Not Working? Admit it that you are madly in love with Pokemon go and you are very excited to get the game on your Apple Watch. Right after the release of Pokemon Go for Apple Watch, there are many users who are complaining about Pokemon Go Apple Watch not working. But little did you know that there are many reasons due to which the Pokemon Go game is not working on Apple Watch. Niantic Labs has given a detailed guide on how to fix Pokemon…
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