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PPSSPP Games: 5 Best PPSSPP Games for Android & iOS

PPSSPP Games Wondering what are these PPSSPP Games? Don’t worry, today, I am here to show you how to play PPPSSPP games on your Android & iOS devices using a PPSSPP Emulator. Still confused? Let me explain you in detail with a list of best PSP games in this article! PPSSPP means PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portability. The Play Station games are available just for those who have PS2, PS3, PS4 or PS5 devices with them. But do you know that you can too play…

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Best Augmented Reality Games for Android

Top 5 AR Games for Android You Must Play Now!

Augmented reality (AR) gaming is all the rage right now. It used to seem like a gimmicky concept when it soared to popularity back when Pokémon Go was launched, but now the technology is mainstream enough that more and more games with AR at its core are sprouting in the market. But what is AR anyway and how does it work? Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality is about superimposing computer-generated imagery on your view of reality using sensors, creating a composite view…

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Watch Dogs 2 APK

Watch Dogs 2 APK Data + OBB Download for Android!

Watch Dogs 2 APK An upcoming game as it is, Watch Dogs 2 APK is being released on the 29th of November for the Windows, and if you have any of the PS4 Console or the XBox One, you can get the game on 15th of November 2016 itself. It is a sequel to the first version of Watch Dogs which has been released in 2014 and is developed by the same Ubisoft Montreal. There are no words yet about Watch Dogs 3 release but till then…

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PUBG Mobile Korean Version APK OBB Download

Download PUBG Mobile Korean Version 1.0 APK + OBB File!

PUBG Mobile Korean Version 1.0 Update: PUBG players went frenzy when the government of India announced regarding the ban of 117 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile on Android & iOS. There was a lot of disappointment amongst the players when this news was out! But don’t worry, if you still want to play PUBG mobile being in India, there’s a way out! You need to download the PUBG Mobile Korean Version APK and OBB file on your Android devices or you can simply download PUBG Mobile on…

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Super Mario Run for PC Download

Super Mario Run PC Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

The most awaited game Super Mario Run PC is now finally available for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac users. Though the Super Mario Run is just released for iOS devices, you can play Super Mario Run for PC as well. By installing Super Mario Run on PC, you can play this Android game on your computer, laptop and Mac books as well. Before we dive into the process of Super Mario Run PC download, let me show you some important features and gameplay by reading which…

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ROS WallHack PC 2018

ROS PC Wallhack Download for Windows 10, 8 & 7!

Rules of Survival WallHack PC ROS WallHack PC: We’ve all read and heard about how man evolved from something so non-productive like a caveman. From inventing fire to inventing a new app, there’s a common ground; survival. We all do things to survive. While it may be a lot more subtle than how caveman hunted for food or how one country waged a war against another, it all comes down to survival. Have you ever sat down at your office desk with a huge pile of files…

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Knives Out PC

Knives Out PC Download on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP & Mac!

Knives Out PC In the era of battle royale games, there are tons of games releasing every week or maybe every month. One of the most successful games are rules of survival for pc, PUBG mobile pc and many more. Interestingly, NetEase Games has mastered the art of launching immense battle royale games. The latest release is Knives Out PC client.  Knives Out – Tokyo Royale is available in Japanese Language and we have observed that many players are interested to play the English version of the…

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DLS 2017 Kits URL and Logo

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL & Logos! Latest Update!

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits In my previous post, I revealed how to hack DLS 2019 game and today I am going to showcase some of the best Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logos so that you can dress your players in a stylish way! The Dream League Soccer game has already gained a lot of attention lately as it gives the users a real-time gaming experience. The users have this functionality of customisation; they can customise how the players look, how the field appears and…

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How to Remove PUBG Health Reminder

[Fixed] How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?

PUBG Health Reminder PUBG Mobile has been setting a trend in India and lately, over the times, we have seen that parents are worrying about their child’s addition towards the game. I personally urge people not to play this game for more time. It’s for fun, don’t make it an addiction. And this is why PUBG Health Reminder feature is being tested in India. But if you want to ruin your future and want to remove health reminder in PUBG mobile, then no one can stop you…

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Blue Whale Dare or Suicide Game APK Download!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to lots of suicides happening in India by playing Blue Whale Game, the Indian Government has appealed all the Indians to stop playing this game. WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ANY DOWNLOAD LINK IN THIS POST. This page is just to provide a general information about the game to create awareness among the people. We highly recommend you NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME. DO SPREAD THE WORD!  Blue Whale Dare Game Update: You can play this Blue Whale Game on PC by downloading Bluestacks 3 (for PC…

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