Watch Dogs 2 APK

Download Watch Dogs 2 APK Data + OBB on Android Now!

Watch Dogs 2 APK

An upcoming game as it is, Watch Dogs 2 APK is being released on the 29th of November for the Windows, and if you have any of the PS4 Console or the XBox One, you can get the game on 15th of November 2016 itself. It is a sequel to the first version of Watch Dogs which has been released in 2014 and is developed by the same Ubisoft Montreal. There are no words yet about Watch Dogs 3 release but till then you can surely enjoy playing 2nd version of the game on Android!

Set in the backdrop of San Francisco, the game is about the former criminals who become Watch Dogs along with Marcus Holloway. Marcus is a citizen of California who gets blamed for a crime and wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0, and as a result, he decides to take revenge on them by hacking into their system with a group of followers called DedSec.

Watch Dogs 2 APK

The game includes multiple missions, frequent visits to California, one on one combats, authentic hacktivism and many more exciting features in store. However, the Watch Dogs 2 APK is not yet being developed and therefore, to convert it into Watch Dogs 2 Android; one has to follow the below-mentioned procedure.

Features of Watch Dogs 2 Android

  1. Players can walk through the city, catch the trains, ride cars, motorbikes, trucks and boats to play the game. The driving mechanics are accessible and overhauled.
  2. The player can carry weapons and even shoot them during driving. Marcus can be Acrobat and parkour in the city.
  3. The areas that are covered in San Francisco include Oakland, Silicon Valley, Downtown area, Coast, Civic and Marin with different aesthetics.
  4. The area is twice that of the area in the first version of Watch Dogs and thereon the player can take an aggressive approach or a defensive approach based on the conditions.
  5. There are many weapons included in the game’s domain like the billiard ball attached bungee cord, the melee weapon, the Thunderball through which the player can stealthily evade the enemies to paralyze.
  6. Players can compete through hacking alone if you’re a lover of the hacking.
  7. When people do crimes, the officers get alerted and try to arrest the players. Based on that, there are three different systems; the Stealth, Trickster and the Aggressor modes.

Watch Dogs 2 Android

What’s New in Watch Dogs 2 Android as compared to Watch Dogs Companion App

  1. Usage of gadgets has been increased with Marcus hacking into various technical and electronic devices that belong to the ctOS 2.0. For example, Marcus has the ability to manipulate data of the nonplayer and get them arrested by the police.
  2. Different to Aiden, Marcus also has quadcopter, an arsenal of equipment, remote hacking devices, scouting equipment, controlled car, 700 different clothing items for fashion and disguise in store.
  3. The game supports multiplayer mode where players can interact with random players in the open world through emote system.


Download Watch Dogs 2 APK Data + OBB File

As mentioned above, Watch Dogs 2 is only designed for Windows, PS and XBox consoles. Therefore, to play it on Android is not simple. In order to convert it into a complete Watch Dogs 2 APK download; one has to download the Watch Dogs 2 OBB file that contains the Watch Dogs 2 APK data which helps in loading the game without any complications.

Watch Dogs 2This folder contains bundled Watch Dogs 2 Data + OBB data in the form of encrypted images and graphics and therefore is mandatory.

How to Download Watch Dogs 2 APK on Android

#1 Download the Watch Dogs 2 APK file from here.
Download Now

#2 Now, start downloading the Watch Dogs 2 APK + Data + OBB file which contains data that is needed for the game.

#3 Access the downloaded folder and follow the step by step instructions to download Watch Dogs 2 on your Android devices.

#4 Wait, till the installation is done and extract the data from the Watch Dogs 2 Data+OBB file downloaded above.

#5 Launch the game and play it without any restrictions.

Final Words on Watch Dogs 2 Android Game

Therefore, hack as much as you want with the Watch Dogs 2 APK data by embedding into the systems of ctOS 2.0 and by taking trips to California from San Francisco with a bunch of friends. The best part of the game is that it involves few road trips too. If you have any complications in installing the game, comment below so that we can help you. Have a splendid time by surfing Genius Geeks in future!


Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 APK Download for Android FREE!

Sniper Elite 4 APK

The Sniper Elite 4 APK is a stealth-based tactical third-person shooter game available for the Windows operating system, Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles.

Sniper Elite 4 Android game was released back in 14th of February 2017 and is developed by the Rebellion Developments. The digital copies of the Sniper Elite 4 are sold by Rebellion Developments itself, whereas, the physical copies of the game are sold by Sold Out Entertainment and U&I Entertainment.

Designed to be a paradise for people who love sniper games, the Sniper Elite 4 APK features advanced renderings, artificial intelligence, and animations as compared to the previous titles in the series.The Sniper Elite 4 Android game opened to really positive reviews from game reviewers and critics. Metacritic gave the game a score of 77/100 the least, IGN gave a rating of 8.3/10 and GameSpot gave a rating of 8/10. That’s Staggering!

Sniper Elite 4 APK

Sniper Elite 4 Android Features

Below are some of the notable features of the Sniper Elite 4 Android game that makes the Sniper Elite 4 one of the best sniper games out there:

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#1. The Sniper Elite 4 Android is a stealth-based third-person tactical shooting game.

#2. When you aim and shoot at an enemy from a long distance, the kill cam is activated. And with its X-Ray vision, the in-game camera will follow the bullet starting from the gun till the target. And once the target is hit by the bullet, the camera also visualizes body parts such as bones and internal organs being ruptured due to the impact from the bullet.

#3. The gaming system has been improved from the previous titles in the Sniper Elite series. With the Sniper Elite 4 APK, you can now perform stealth, melee and shrapnel kills as well.

#4. The artificial intelligence engine of the Sniper Elite 4 Android game has also been improved and now, enemies will act more responsively to the attacks and moves made by your character. Once an enemy is hit, others around him will more actively search for your character.

#5. Your game character is provided with a pair of binoculars, which will help in identifying the enemies in your vicinity and also to analyze the sort of weapons they are carrying.

Sniper Elite 4 APK

#6. Some of your enemies may have the “officers” ranking. While performing an attack, killing off the officer-rank enemy first would scare off the other enemies and would lead to the other enemies retreating from performing any sort of attacks. However, attacking and killing the officer-rank enemies at the end would in-turn increase the difficulty of your current level.

#7. The Sniper Elite 4 Android game also has missions set during night time. And during night time missions, you can remove lightings from its sources in order to hide your presence at the location.

#8. The Sniper Elite 4 APK allows you to create traps to easily attack and kill your enemies. You can even set dead bodies of your enemies as traps to attract more enemies.

#9. Compared to the previous iteration in the Sniper Elite video game series, the Sniper Elite 4 Android game features several open-world elements and gives players more sense of freedom. In order to achieve this, the game map also has been expanded.

#10. New movements have also been added to the Sniper Elite 4 APK. The included movements are climbing and the ability to grab possible ledges. This also increases the vertical elements of the game.

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Sniper Elite 4 Android Gameplay

Sniper Elite 4 Android
Talking about the Sniper Elite 4 Android gameplay, the stage of the game is set to appear just after the events described in the Sniper Elite 3 game. The storyline of the Sniper Elite 4 APK is set to happen in 1943 Italy and begins with the British Royal Navy sending a ship named “The Orchidea” to the San Celini islands to investigate on rumors about a Nazi-made weapon. Multiplayer mode and Co-operative missions, which were absent from the last Sniper Elite game has now been reintroduced with the Sniper Elite 4 Android

Download Sniper Elite 4 APK for Android

If you are too-much excited to play the Sniper Elite 4 Android game on your device after reading about the features and gameplay of Sniper Elite 4 APK, then below is how you can download and install the Sniper Elite 4 APK+OBB data on your Android device for free. As there is no official Android version of the Sniper Elite 4 Android game, we have converted the source file to the corresponding Sniper Elite 4 APK and OBB file.

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Sniper Elite 4 Download  APK

#1. Download the Sniper Elite 4 APK from here and the supporting OBB file from here.

#2. Copy both the files downloaded from above to the internal storage space of your Android device.

#3. Once that is done, launch the APK file first. This will install the Sniper Elite 4 APK on your Android device.

#4. After installing the Sniper Elite 4 download APK file, copy the OBB file to Internal Storage>Android>OBB.

#5. The above step can be done using any file manager application for Android. Most of the Android devices out there come with a File Manager application inbuilt.

#6. After you have finished copying the OBB files to its correct location, you can now launch the Sniper Elite 4 Android game and enjoy.

Do make sure that you do not launch the Sniper Elite 4 Android game straight after finishing installing the Sniper Elite 4 APK from step 3. The OBB file needs to be copied before launching the game for the first time. Now play Sniper Elite 4 game download for android with ease by following above procedure.

Conclusion of Sniper Elite 4 Download APK

Found the article on how to download and install Sniper Elite 4 APK on Android easy and helpful? Then spread the word about the Sniper Elite 4 Android game by sharing this article with your friends via your social media profiles. In case you have any sort of queries or doubts related to the guide written above, then please do mention them as comments below as we are here to help you out always.

Knives Out PC

Knives Out PC Download on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP & Mac!

Knives Out PC

In the era of battle royale games, there are tons of games releasing every week or maybe every month. One of the most successful games are rules of survival for pc, PUBG mobile pc and many more. Interestingly, NetEase Games has mastered the art of launching immense battle royale games. The latest release is Knives Out PC client. 

Knives Out – Tokyo Royale is available in Japanese Language and we have observed that many players are interested to play the English version of the game. So to play Knives Out PC version in English language, you need to follow the guide which is mentioned below.

Knives Out PC

In this article, we will show you how to play Knives Out on PC using Bluestacks emulator. But before that let me explain you complete set of features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale. The reason being is, the game is in Japanese language and you might not get it. So let’s have a look at the features of Knives Out PC game.

Features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale Game

Stand alone like a boss when you are the one winning out of 100 players in the game. A massive battlefield, 100 players battling to win, this is what Knives Out PC is all about! Isn’t it interesting just like other battle royale games? Let’s have a look at the features and gameplay in detail.

#1. Explore to Win!

It’s quite obvious when it comes battle royale games, it’s important that you know how to explore the battlefield. Explore the snowy mountains, islands, train tunnels and some awe-inspiring locations when you strike your enemies with your favorite snipers.

#2. Just 1 Winner out of 100!

Now this is called a battle and it gets quite interesting as you play the game. Collect the weapons while you explore the battlefield in Knives Out PC game and strike your enemies without any mercy! Standout from every opponent and win the game. As simple as that! But remember, it’s not that simple either! You need to be active & accurate about shooting your enemies out of the battlefield.

Features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale Game

#3. Coordinate with Buddies & Win!

There’s no fun if you aren’t playing Knives Out PC version game without your friends. Team up with your gaming buddies, crush your enemies and complete the missions given to you. There can be 3 modes in the game which you can play with your friends namely, duo mode, fireteam mode and squad mode.

#4. Set Your Own Rules & You Win!

Don’t give a **** to the rules and create your own rules. Explore on your own, don’t follow the maps, just collect the weapons you’re best at and you’re sure to standout from the rest in Knives Out PC game. When you play with your own rules, it’s always going to be difficult for the enemies to guess what’s your next move. Keep them guessing and your chances to win the game will be more!

So these some amazing features of Knives Out PC game which you must check out before you play the game. Now let’s see what are the steps you need to follow to download Knives Out PC version on your Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP operating systems.

How to Download Knives Out PC Game?

To make sure you play Knives Out PC download game on your computer or laptop, use the best android emulator on your PC. One of them is the latest version of Bluestacks. Here’s what you need to do!

Knives Out Download PC

Method 1

#1. Download Nox App Player or Bluestacks on your Windows operating system.

#2. Once you download it, install it and run the android emulator on your PC.

#3. The next step is to connect the emulator with your Google Play account and then search for Knives Out Tokyo Royale game from the search box provided in the emulator.

#4. Download the game from the play store, install it and start playing Knives Out on PC with ease.

This completes the process of how to play Knives Out PC game on your computer or laptop. This is not the only way, there’s another way through which you can easily play Knives Out download PC game on your devices.

Method 2

#1. Head over to

#2. Now download the .exe file for Knives Out PC from here.

#3. Run the .EXE file and accept the terms and conditions.

#4. Once this is done, you need to select the path to install the game and let it download from the official servers.

#5. You will now see a QR code which you need to scan if you want to play this game on your PC. This has to be done everytime you want to play Knives Out PC game on your computer or laptop.

Note: During the setup, you’ll find an option to choose English language. That’s the only way you can play this game in English language. Of course, there’s a translator option within the game but not every text is translated through that. So ensure that you select English language right when you setup Knives Out download PC game.

Download Knives Out on Mac

Knives Out Mac Download

#1. Head over to and find the Mac icon to download the game.

#2. Or you can simply download the file from this link.

#3. Follow the same steps which are mentioned in method 2 to continue.

This is how simple it is to download Knives Out Mac version of the game.

Final Words on Knives Out Download for PC

So this is all about Knives Out PC download game. Let us know if you face any difficulties in downloading Knives Out Tokyo Royale game on PC. We are sure to solve the issues within a given time frame. Follow Genius Geeks for more such gaming updates.

DLS 2017 Kits URL and Logo

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL & Logos! Latest Update!

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits

In my previous post, I revealed how to hack DLS 2019 game and today I am going to showcase some of the best Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logos so that you can dress your players in a stylish way! The Dream League Soccer game has already gained a lot of attention lately as it gives the users a real-time gaming experience.

The users have this functionality of customisation; they can customise how the players look, how the field appears and even can change the background soundtrack. For all the gamers those who loves soccer this game made its entry into the smartphone world after making a success in the PC world.

The game makes use of a virtual currency that can be earned or can be purchased via in-app purchases and then there are hacks available that give you unlimited coins. By Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logo you can change the kits and logos of the teams, and you can even modify their costumes.

About Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL & Logo

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logo lets you give this additional functionality to change the colour, jersey, and even the appearance of the whole team by tweaking with their costumes and logos. Here is a How-to guide on the Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logo.

Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits

Before proceeding any further let us first understand what we are going to do while we load Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logo.

You’ll be loading the kits and logo files from the URLs that will be providing in this article, and you just need to apply the same in the Gameplay.

How to Import DLS 2019 Logo URL and Kits

It is pretty much easy for many of the Dream League Soccer players out there, but still, there are a fair amount of people that aren’t aware of the procedure of importing the Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL and Logo in the Game Play. Here is a quick guide for that. Follow the instructions carefully.

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How to Import Logos in DLS 2019

  • Run the Dream League Soccer 2019 game.
  • Now head over to the ‘My Club’ option.
  • Click the import logo button.
  • The dimensions should be precise; it is 512 pixels x 512 pixels. Don’t worry the URLs that we are providing are optimised according to the game requirements.
  • Now press the accepted button and Voila! Your logo will start downloading in the background, and the logo will be applied automatically.

Dream League Soccer 2019 Logo

All About Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits

The kits file comes in a png file that is set out in such a way so that it covers the kit properly, below is a sample template that we are putting up for you so that you can understand how the kit is made. You can even design your kit too.

  • The pink area covers the front and back portions of the shirt. Make sure to leave some spaces for the name and number that will help to identify the players.
  • The light blue area is for shirt sleeves. The smaller areas in the center are meant for the short sleeve shirt, and the larger areas that are below are for long sleeve shirts.
  • The light green area if for the shorts.
  • Dark blue for socks.
  • The trim colours like yellow, green and red are purely indicative of the orientation of the areas.
  • The logos can be placed directly on the kit image, so they display in the game a well.
  • Shading and the creases are automatically added to the game.

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How to Import DLS 2019 kits

  • If you went into your ‘creativity mode’ and made a kit for yourself then make sure to host the kit online or choose from the URLs below that are already up on the internet.
  • For loading the kits, the game is needed to be launched. Now, simply go to the Import Kit section within the Edit Kit menu and paste the URL.
  • The game will automatically download the hosted kit png image and applies it to the players of the selected team.

DLS 2019 Kits URL and Logo

Now moving on to the URLs section. We are providing you with several Kits and Logos URLs that you can apply by following the method mentioned above. Feel free to revert in the comment section if you need any help regarding any issues. If you need any more logos or kits (if we’ve missed some) to be added then also you can leave a comment, and our team will help you out.

List of Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL & Logo

#1. Atletico Madrid Kit URL

The Club Atlético de Madrid is a Spanish club that was founded on 26 April of 1903 is based in the city of Madrid. The club was founded by the student’s Basques fans of Athletic Bilbao. The team from the Spanish capital was a subsidiary in the year 1921 when it broke away from the Basque team. The sole similarity between the uniform and the unique names is because of the creation of The Madrid Club.

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Atletico Madrid Kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Atletico Madrid Kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Atletico Madrid Kit URL 3

DLS 2017 Kit URL:

Atletico Madrid Kit URL 4

Kit URL:

#2. Barcelona Kit URL

Futbol Club Barcelona is a professional soccer team based in Barcelona, Catalonia. It is the second most valuable soccer club in the world. Its value is estimated at $ 3.2 billion and is considered as the fourth richest club regarding overall revenues.

Barcelona kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Barcelona Kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Barcelona Kit URL 3

Kit URL:

Barcelona Kit URL 4

Kit URL:

Dream League Soccer 2017 Barcelona Kit URL 5

Kit URL:

#3. Borussia Dortmund kit URL

The Borussia Dortmund is functional in Bundesliga and is the top tier of the German football league system. The Latin term Borussia is used for the former state of Prussia.

 Borussia Dortmund kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Borussia Dortmund kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Borussia Dortmund kit URL 3

Kit URL:

Borussia Dortmund kit URL 4

Kit URL:

#4. Fenerbahce Kit URL

Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü is a football club based in Turkey Istanbul. It was founded in the year 1907 and is considered as one of the greatest clubs in Turkish football. As per the records, this club has won the national championship over eighteen times.

Fenerbahce Kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Fenerbahce Kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Fenerbahce Kit URL 3

Kit URL:

Fenerbahce Kit URL 4

Kit URL:

Fenerbahce Kit URL 5

Kit URL:

#5. Manchester United kit URL

Manchester United, as we all are aware of is the biggest team in the English football history. They’ve won 23 major titles since the year 1986.

Manchester United kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Manchester United kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Manchester United kit URL 3

Kit URL:

Manchester United kit URL 4

Kit URL:

Manchester United kit URL 5

Kit URL:

#6. Manchester City kit URL

Currently contesting The Premier League, The Manchester City Football Club is an English football club based in Manchester City. It is also known by the name ‘City’ and was founded in the year 1880.

Manchester City Kit URL

Kit URL:

#7. Real Madrid kit URL

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol is based in Madrid, Spain. Also known as Real Madrid, it is a multi-sports club that was founded in the year 1902. There is various athletic department within the organisation.

Real Madrid kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Real Madrid kit URL 2

Kit URL:

Real Madrid kit URL 3

Kit URL:

Real Madrid kit URL 4

Kit URL:

Dream League Soccer 2017 Kit URL Real Madrid

Kit URL:

#8. Uruguay Kit URL

Dream League Soccer 2017 Uruguay Kit URL

Kit URL:

DLS 2017 Uruguay Kit URL

Kit URL:

Uruguay Kit URL

Dream League Soccer Kit URL:

Uruguay Kit URL 1

Kit URL:

Uruguay Kit URL DLS 2017

Kit URL:

Uruguay Kit URL for DLS 2017

Kit URL:

#9. Sweden Kit URL

DLS 2017 Sweden Kit URL

Kit URL:

Sweden Kit URL DLS 2017

Kit URL:

#10. Spain Kit URL

Dream League Soccer 2017 Spain Kit

Kit URL:

DLS 2017 Spain Kit URL

Kit URL:

Dream League Soccer Spain Kit

Kit URL:

Dream Soccer Spain Kit 2017 Logo URL

Kit URL:

#11. Indonesia Kit URL

Dream League Soccer 2017 Indonesia Kit URL and Logo

Kit URL:

DLS 2017 Indonesia Kit URL

Kit URL:

Indonesia Kit URL for DLS 2017

Kit URL:

#12. Germany Kit URL

Germany Kit URL for Dream League Soccer 2017

Kit URL:

DLS 2017 Germany Kit URL and Logo

Kit URL:

The conclusion of Dream League Soccer Kits URLs & Logos

The above given Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URLs and Dream League Soccer 2019 Logo URLs are just few of them. I will be updating the list as more kits & logos are released. If you are have already found DLS 2019 Kits or DLS 2019 Logos other than the above ones, you can comment below. Or if you want me to add any of the Dream League Soccer 2019 Kits URL or Logo, please comment below so that I can add them at the earliest!


Dream League Soccer PC

Dream League Soccer 2019 Download for PC & Mac

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download

It is a game of soccer as the name suggests. Dream League Soccer 2019 PC download has changed the gaming experience in the soccer field totally. You can build your own team, recruit real FIFA Pro licensed superstars. Your own stadium can be built as you desire.

In short, with Dream League Soccer 2019 PC game you can walk the road to Soccer stardom just like you dream to with your dream team may be consisting of top superstar players such as Diego Costa or Aaron Ramsey. Dream League Soccer 2019 PC is as realistic as you can imagine with such an experience you would feel challenged and be addicted to the game.

It has all new visuals, realistic animations, and 60fps dynamic game play. Your team would be put against the very best in the world and you have to play hard to rank your team to the top. There are in total of 6 divisions and over 7 Cup competitions. In my previous articles, I have shown how to download Pokemon Go on PC and Google Allo on PC. This tutorial is quite similar to that. So you will not face any problems if you have already tried download Android apps on PC.

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download Free

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Features & Game Play

Dream League Soccer PC 2019 download is a great game to play if you are a Soccer fan. You can also play it on your Android phones as well as iPhones. If you haven’t had any experience with this game yet then what are you waiting for buddy? Download DLS 2019 in PC, Mac by downloading Bluestacks 3 and play it to the soonest. For playing in the phones you can directly download it from Google Play Store or from the Apple Store. And for PCs and Macs, we have already described above in detail how to download it.

You can also download Dream league soccer 2019 with the help of their apk files. Play and play and increase your skills like never before. You can also sign players using coins or even spot a bargain in the free transfer market. It’s also easy to change the kits by using DLS 2019 Kits & Logos of a particular team. Dream League Soccer 2019 download for PC provides you with full freedom in adjusting your team the way you want. So why not download Dream League Soccer 2019 for PC to enjoy the game on the larger screen? You can also download Freedom APK latest version from our blog 🙂

If you are looking forward to install DLS 2019 PC game on your Windows 7,8,10 or even Mac, then you need to follow the below given tutorial of Dream League Soccer 2019 download for PC:

Dream League Soccer PC Download

Dream League Soccer 2019 PC Download

To play Dream League Soccer 2019 PC you first need to download any of the Android Emulators in your PC. Some of the top leading emulators are Bluestacks, Andy, Youwave, etc. Here we have shown it using Bluestacks. You may use any emulator of your choice. Once downloaded, you can Hack Dream League Soccer 2019 to get unlimited coins for free!

  1. Go to Bluestacks official website to download quickly from here!
  2. On the right side you will get to see a blue colored “Download” button. Click on the download button.
  3. Depending on the speed of your net connection, Bluestacks starts downloading itself.
  4. After the download is complete, double click on the executable file to start the installation.
  5. There will appear some instructions on your screen. Follow through them and Bluestacks will be completely installed.
  6. A shortcut will be created on the screen which means Bluestacks for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 is ready to use.
  7. Go to the search box and type “DLS 2019 Download”. Search for it via Google Play Store.
  8. Your target application must be selected from the shown results and then install it.
  9. After the installation is complete it will be shown under all apps.
  10. Start using the app from the app drawer of Bluestacks.
  11. Use your mouse’s right click and left click according the on-screen instructions to play Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer for PC DownloadStart playing the game to the fullest with a totally new experience.

DLS 2019 Download for Mac

  1. Search for Bluestacks for Mac and download here.
  2. Go to the official site of Bluestacks for the download.
  3. Official website-
  4. Wait till it is completely downloaded.
  5. Open Bluestacks and login to your Google account.
  6. Now you can start using Bluestacks Emulator.
  7. Now open Bluestacks app on your Mac and click on Search icon.
  8. In the Search box type Dream League Soccer and hit Enter.
  9. From the shown results, click on the correct app icon.
  10. On clicking you will get to see the install button. Click on it.

Dream League Soccer 2019 game will be soon installed depending on your internet connection speed. Once it is ready to use, start playing on your Mac and experience like never before.  If you have already played this game, you can play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 on your PC by using Xbox Emulator for PC which is a football game for Xbox 360 gamers!

Conclusion of DLS 2019 Download for PC

We hope you liked Dream League Soccer 2019 download article and found it pretty useful. Let us know your experience with this app. In case you have any doubts, feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to be able to help in any way we can. Any suggestion from your side, all are welcome. Share as much as you can and recommend Dream League Soccer 2019 PC game to your friends and family members too.

How to Remove PUBG Health Reminder

[Fixed] How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?

PUBG Health Reminder

PUBG Mobile has been setting a trend in India and lately, over the times, we have seen that parents are worrying about their child’s addition towards the game. I personally urge people not to play this game for more time. It’s for fun, don’t make it an addiction. And this is why PUBG Health Reminder feature is being tested in India.

But if you want to ruin your future and want to remove health reminder in PUBG mobile, then no one can stop you from doing it after reading this post. But let me first tell you why this is happening only in India. Recently, Gujarat Government has imposed a complete ban on PUBG Mobile game and the people who were found playing this game were arrested by the local police.

PUBG Health Reminder

Keeping in mind with this, the PUBG developers are now testing a “Health Reminder” so that kids don’t overplay PUBG on their respective devices. In this PUBG health reminder, a pop-up appears once you have completed 6 hours of play. And this is annoying most of the addictive users in India today. This is leading the players to search “How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG Mobile Game?”

Before you know the process I would like you to inform that you might see a notice “The Payment Has Been Cancelled Your Account is at Risk PUBG” when you try to remove the health reminder. So try this at your own risk!

How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG

#1. Once you’ve played more than 6 hours of PUBG Mobile game, you will see a pop-up of health reminder saying that “The game has been stopped. Please come back at XYZ (Estimated Time as per your timezone).”

#2. Now make sure that you don’t click on OK button until the game starts. If you do so, it will ask another question after some time as shown in the below image.

How to Remove PUBG Health Reminder

#3. If you click on YES, you will banned by PUBG for sure and your account will be at risk. Instead, you need to click on NO to make sure that your PUBG account is working smoothly.

How to Remove Health Reminder in PUBG

As you can clearly see that the YES button is cleverly placed on the right side where most of the users click. So focus on the NO button where you need to click.

Final Verdict on Health Reminder in PUBG

So this is how to remove health reminder in PUBG. This is the only fix to this issue as of now. If there’s any other solution, I will be uploading it soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s important to understand that why PUBG has taken this step. It’s for you, it’s for your future. It’s done because you’re utilizing your precious time in a game that earns you nothing at the end of the day. So make sure that you play this game just for fun and don’t get addicted to it. 

Blue Whale Dare Game APK Download

Blue Whale Dare or Suicide Game APK Download!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to lots of suicides happening in India by playing Blue Whale Game, the Indian Government has appealed all the Indians to stop playing this game. WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ANY DOWNLOAD LINK IN THIS POST. This page is just to provide a general information about the game to create awareness among the people. We highly recommend you NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME. DO SPREAD THE WORD! 

Blue Whale Dare Game

Update: You can play this Blue Whale Game on PC by downloading Bluestacks 3 (for PC users Only) (Play at your own risk) The world has gone retarded, and every day new challenges have been coming up. However, not all challenges tend to be sensible for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone prominent around the world.

While browsing the web, I have recently come across a challenge where men around the world are challenged to castrate themselves through wild means, and the one who has done it with a severe degree of violence wins the challenge. It is better to download Emulator like Bluestacks. Here is the download link for Bluestacks which works only for PC users. It works on Desktops & laptops only.

This time, they have taken the thing to a next level by inventing a game called Blue Whale Dare Game Suicide Challenge which targets the depressed around the world. By taking up the challenge, people are now turning the suicide into a thrilling adventure. Recently, a 14-year-old in Mumbai has jumped off the terrace with the same psychopathic networking spreading to the India. And this isn’t going to stop because several other cases have appeared all across the globe including UK!

The Blue Whale Dare Game has turned out to be macabre among the Internet, and the recent launch of the Blue Whale Dare Game makes it a perfect story for a third-grade horror film. There’s a social media group under the same name which encourages the people who are depressed to take their lives innovatively with the rush of thrill in their body. One has to download the app and register for it with his credentials.

Blue Whale Dare Game APK Download

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History of Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game

The Blue Whale Suicide Game has started long back in Russia, around 4 years on Vkontakte, a social networking site. It has become quite famous in Russia, as it took 130 lives. The first suicide under Blue Whale Suicide Game APK had allegedly taken place in 2015 when Philip Budeikin, a student of Psychology invented it. He was thrown out of the university because of the same and when confronted why he has done that, he said he was attempting to clean the society by provoking people who don’t value their lives. However, it’s Ilya Sidorov, a postman, aged 26 who was the mastermind behind this game and who later got arrested in Moscow, Russia for encouraging the teenagers to hurt themselves.

Game Play of Blue Whale Suicide Game

After doing that, he will be given around 50 tasks for the next 50 days including watching horror flicks, carving whale shapes on the hands and limbs, inflicting self-injury, being awake at really odd hours. As the days pass, the tasks keep getting tougher and tougher. On the 50th day, the admin of the game will ask the person to commit suicide, and if anyone wants to back out, their family members are threatened so that they will abide the rules without any exit.

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Psychology of Blue Whale Suicide Game

Dr. Pulkit Sharma is a psychologist who says that one has to ban such apps and social networking sites saying that it’s important to restrict such disturbing content. Whenever a person is fragile, they tend to go into a very weak state of mind and any external factor can have a huge impact on them acting as anchor point. When you come across a depressed person and tell them that he can live and there’s hope; they think you’re bullshitting them but when you tell them to die, they immediately do that with a degree of liberation. Blue Whales Suicide Game APK is one such app which thrives on this factor.

Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game

Blue Whale Dare Game APK

It’s only obvious that Blue Whale Suicide Game is not released on the Google Play Store because of the content it holds. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting hold of the app, you have to download it from third party sources making sure that they are clean and that they can’t harm your device.

  1. Initially, visit the System Settings>Security and access the ‘Unknown Sources’ to check the box beside it. This will allow you to download the apps from third party sources.
  2. Once you have done that, open the browser either on your mobile or the web and enter the URL in it, in order to load it. As the page loads, make the Blue Whales Suicide Game download from the link.
  3. Access the notification bar to locate the APK file. If you’re using the web browser, you need to transfer the file to the mobile first and then click on it to install the app.
  4. The installation will take a minute or two. Be patient till it gets done and access the app from the tray menu in order to use it.

Wrapping up, it might appear all amusing and happening, at the first with all the tasks giving you a new dimension. But it is important to note that nothing is greater than the life and as a warrior, one has to struggle through it to inspire others instead of ending it. Be aware of what you’re doing before it gets too late. Good days will always arrive as pain is also very much temporary just like happiness.

Note: We are not affiliated with any Blue Whale Dare Game or Blue Whale Suicide Challenge. This post is just for information and we don’t provide any download link to this particular Blue Whale Dare APK game. So even if you get a chance to play Blue Whale Dare game, try it at your own risk, we don’t take any responsibility for anything wrong happening.

Best Android Multiplayer Games 2019- Top Collection of Free and Paid Games

We, adults and kids included, all enjoy games on our PC and mobile handsets. Games account for the largest revenue in mobile and PC segment. There are abundance of games available in the market that can be played alone, and many gives you a chance to prove superiority over your friends. Cross-platform games are a new buzzword, and we’re are here to cover some of the best Android multiplayer games that one can enjoy with friends. It is always said that games are always more fun when played with friends. The concept of 18th-19th century games, where friends used to hang out together and play different games, have now come back in different form. Mobile multiplayer games have started rearing its head in the marketplace and they’re getting good response as well.

best android multiplayer games

Pokemon Go Shadow Ban 2018

Pokemon Go Red Warning & Shadow Ban 2018 Lifted? Know Here!

When it comes to Pokemon Go many spoofers try to hack the game in unethical ways! Be it a hack or try to manipulate the API of the game, it’s all against the terms and services of Pokemon Go! Earlier, Niantic banned Android emulators to play Pokemon Go on PC.  Looking into all these hacks, Niantic has now decided to take down all the fake (hacked) accounts with a Red Warning in Pokemon Go Game!

Previously, this temporary ban was termed as soft ban and then Shadow Ban! But if you aren’t doing anything fishy by playing the game according to the terms and conditions of Niantic, you need not worry of this Pokemon Go Red Warning thing!

It’s obvious that they are taking down all the accounts with suspicious activity and during these take downs, few loyal users might get a ban too! Now, many are wondering how long does a shadow ban or red warning in Pokemon Go last? Well, to know that you first need to know why this actually happens! Let’s dig into it!

What is Pokemon Go Red Warning?

When you use third party apps to crack Pokemon Go game, it breaks the terms and services. In such cases, Niantic has taken a step forward to ban such accounts. It can’t be said a direct ban but it gives a Red Warning which indicates the app might not work properly. Here’s what Niantic Support team said on Reddit:

“We’re committed to maintaining the state of Pokémon GO and our community of Trainers. People who violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service (including by using third party software and other cheats) may have their gameplay affected and may not be able to see all the Pokémon around them. While we cannot discuss the systems implemented, we can confirm that we are constantly refining new ways to ensure the integrity of the game in order to keep it fun and fair for all Trainers.”

Pokemon Go Red Warning

So this is what you get when your account is hit by Pokemon Go Red Warning. Similar is the case in Pokemon Go Shadow Ban 2018!

How Long Does Red Warning Last?

Now this is tricky! To get rid of this Pokemon Go Red Warning, many might find ways but those will not last long for sure. Looking at the Niantic team taking strict actions against hacked Pokemon Go game, you need to wait until this thing is lifted on it’s own. Many users on Tutuapp have also faced such problems. Here’s the Twitter discussion for the same. To be frank, there’s no answer for this on any Pokemon Go related forums. As of now, I can just say wait for few days and see what happens. But if you can’t do that, you can follow the below given procedure to get rid of Pokemon Go Shadow ban 2018.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Red Warning?

To fix this red warning in Pokemon Go, it might take time as Niantic is already receiving tons of requests every hour! Make sure that you aren’t using any third party apps currently along with Pokemon Go. Because it this gets noticed, your appeal will not be approved and the Shadow ban will continue for long. The ban might not be permanent, but if you are facing a temporary ban and if you feel that happened due to some error, you can file an appeal by following below given method.

Pokemon Go Shadow Ban 2018#1. Follow this link to submit an appeal.

#2. Enter your email ID, trainee nickname, additional information explaining that the ban is due to some error.

#3. You can attach any images if you want to explain in detail.

#4. Click on the submit button and wait for few days or maybe a week (s) to lift Pokemon Go Red Warning.

Even after doing this, you Shadow Ban isn’t lifted, then you need to check these steps right now!

There are few IV-checking apps like IVFly, IV Go, Blossoms Pokemon Go Manager and AllG IV which are most probably the reason for Shadowban in Pokemon Go. To make sure you aren’t facing any issues with these, immediately uninstall the app, change the password and revoke permissions from the app. 

There’s One Direct Method to Lift This Shadow Ban!

Well, if you aren’t finding Pokemon from your app, there’s one way to find them even if you are facing shadow ban! Yes, you heard that right! You can catch your favorite Pokemon by using Pokemon Go Plus even if there are Red Warnings in your app! That costs you $50 but who minds spending few bucks if you are a Pokemon Go lover. Isn’t it? Well, this doesn’t guarantee that you can definitely get rid of this ban but at least you can get few Pokemon under your control. Something is better than nothing, is it?!

Brawl Stars PC

Download Brawl Stars for Windows PC & Mac for Free!

Brawl Stars PC

Brawl Stars, the latest game by Supercell, mostly known for their previous game Clash of Clans. This new mobile multiplayer game is all about combat. Players will battle each other in Brawl Stars PC using their little characters who are also called Brawlers. This new multiplayer game was revealed via a youtube video where the developers were seen playing the pre-beta version of the game.

Although, the game isn’t officially available for PC & Mac users, I have a detailed guide through which you can easily download Brawl Stars PC & Mac without any hassles. But before you go through the detailed procedure of installing Brawl Stars on PC, let’s first have a look at some amazing features & astonishing gameplay! Here you with Brawl Stars for PC features first and then gameplay to continue!

Brawl Stars PC

Features of Brawl Stars for PC

In this epic game, Brawl Stars PC download; the players will fight each other in various game modes. The game is set in a mine. Their objectives will be to collect crystals, take out enemies and protect their supply. In the latest news, many experts say that Supercell might be looking to market Brawl Stars as a mobile sports games that come complete with live commentary.

The features of the game shown in the video tournament were of the pre-beta version. So, it might not be surprising to find changes in the features of the final game. The company will do a soft launch in Canada and then will release the final game worldwide. What we know of Brawl Stars for PC is very less when compared to what we might find in the final release.

Reports from trusted sources suggest that this free-to-play game of Brawl Stars for PC allows players to purchase items in the app. However, the nature of these items might remain a mystery. Since there are gems, coins, and elixir involved in the game. Players might be able to purchase gems, coins, and elixir with which they can play, defeat their opponents and unlock many new brawlers with better features.

Brawl Stars for PC

Brawl Stars PC GamePlay

The stunning visuals in Brawl Stars for PC are as powerful and captivating as the previous Supercell Games. The game has a complete MOBA-like experience. The game features four main gameplay modes namely Smash n Grab, Bounty, Heist, and Showdown. The shrinking map feature in the gameplay mode makes it feel as though it was a Bomberman game.

Smash n Grab is a mixture of Capture the Flag and Sector domination given the players have to collect ten gems from the mine located at the center of the map. Not only do they have to collect but they also have to hold onto the gems. With each team trying to do this, battles are fought.

Bounty requires the players to collect stars by eliminating their opponents. The team which has the maximum number of stars at the end of game wins. Heist has a time frame in which the teams have to try and crack open the safe of their opponents while also defending their own safety.

The ultimate gameplay mode is Showdown, in which ten players wage an epic battle in a shrinking arena to become the ultimate brawler. The brawlers can be upgraded by collecting coins, chips, and elixir. The gameplay of Brawl Stars iOS & Android is similar to Brawl Stars PC gameplay.

Brawl Stars PC Download

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Minimum System Requirements to Play Brawl Stars on PC

OS: Windows 7/8/10

RAM: 2GB or more

HDD: 400MB

Desktop Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

Video Memory: 1GB

How to Download Brawl Stars for PC using BlueStacks

There had always been an uproar regarding the usage of Android apps on PC. I assure you that the PC is the best way to have a unique gaming experience. All you have to do is follow this step by step guide to download your own version of Brawl Stars for PC.

Before you begin the procedure, ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

Step By Step Guide to Install Brawl Stars on PC

1) Download the Android Emulator, BlueStacks Brawl Stars on your PC. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator on the market. You can download Bluestacks from their official website, or you can visit the link here.

2) Download the official Bluestacks Brawl Stars file on the web. Then you download it alternatively by installing Brawl Stars APK on your PC & then download Bluestacks Brawl Stars.

3) Once Bluestacks Brawl Stars PC download has finished downloading, then locate the file on your PC.

4) Open Bluestacks Brawl Stars for PC with Bluestacks, and it will start the installation process.

5) You can now enjoy Bluestacks Brawl Stars PC download by opening it in the app drawer.

Download Brawl Stars PC using Nox App Player

The Android emulators on the web are quite varied from one another. However, the best ones are BlueStacks and Nox App Player. If for any reason you don’t prefer BlueStacks or if you already have Nox installed on your PC, then you can follow this guide to download Brawl Stars for PC using Nox.

Step By Step Procedure for Brawl Stars PC Download by Nox

1) Find Brawl Stars for PC download on the web but ensure that the file you’re downloading is genuine and that it meets your system’s minimum requirements.

2) After you download Brawl Stars PC, find the file on your PC and open it using Nox App Player.

3) Another alternative method is to open Nox App Player and search for the app.

4) You can start downloading the app directly from the app player.

5) Brawl Stars for Windows 7/8/10 in your app drawer.

Enjoy Brawling!

Brawl Stars for Mac using Bluestacks or Nox App Player

The step by step guide to download Brawl Stars for Mac is very similar to the one given above.

1) Download BlueStacks or Nox App Player on Mac, whichever you feel you are comfortable with.

2) Download Brawl Stars for Mac.

3) Locate the file on your Mac and then open it using BlueStacks.

4) The alternative method is to open Bluestacks and search for Brawl Stars PC.

5) You can find the app in your app drawer once you finish downloading Brawl Stars for Mac.

Final Thoughts on Brawl Stars PC Download

Supercell has given the world of gaming two extraordinary games and the future of Brawl Stars looks very promising. If you ever get stuck anywhere in the game, you can always look for Brawl Stars hacks and cheats on my website here.

Be the ultimate Brawler!