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Best English Learning Apps

5 Best English Learning Apps: Speak English Fluently in Quick Time!

For those whose native language isn’t English, learning it was a daunting task back in 90s. A lot of us must have fallen for advertisement like “learn English in 30 days.” Back then, it used to work like a charm for advertisers but now with the digital evolution, there are some best English learning apps available for Android & iOS users to help them speak English fluently and also improve their vocabulary. Apart from this, grammar skills can be improved as well with such English learning app.…

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Emoji Keyboard for Android

10 Best Emoji Keyboards for Android that will make you go Bonkers!

Emoji Keyboards for Android As Emojis play an important role in texting, have fun texting with today’s best 10 Emoji keyboards for Android. Android has been popular for the sole reason that it gives the user, an ability to customize the phone the way he/she wants. While this customization is helping the Android base expand at a splendid rate, it has around a 1.5 billion incredulous activated user count in its bag and a whopping market share of 82%. Millions of devices are being sold and activated…

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Social Distancing Apps

Best Social Distancing Apps to Stay Safe!

Maintaining social distancing when you step out of your house is a new normal ever since covid-19 Pandemic has happened. That being said, it’s really difficult to implement the same in the practical world. It’s easy to say but it’s getting harder to maintain social distancing. Grabbing the opportunity, a lot of app developers has found unique ways to get rid of this problem and have designed some of the best social distancing apps for Android and iOS users. Although, you will find lesser to none apps…

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Best Workout Apps for Android and iPhone

8 Best Workout Apps for Android & iPhone!

In today’s busy life we often overlook our health and fitness. And in long run, this harms us the most. Along with your professional life, you must dedicate some time for your fitness. Your small investment for your body will definitely pay you many times in terms of good health, good physique and stamina. Our extensive list of best workout apps will help both the iPhone and Android users. You can quickly monitor your diet and calorie meter by installing some of the top workout apps for your…

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Video Calling Apps

Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps for Android!

Video Calling Apps Video calling has become one of the most important requirements to communicate especially for people who are living in the nations. With international charges at the peak, it’s not easy to call people up on a daily basis and talk to them whenever you want unless until it’s through video calling apps. That being said, many video call apps are being launched on the Google Play Store for Android devices on a daily basis to enable people to communicate with each other with an…

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How to Download TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS 14/13 Without JailBreak!

TutuApp VIP Free So many of us have already got the information about the TuTuApp VIP Free, its functionalities, its features and how it can be installed on both the Android and iOS devices, right? Well, if you are new to the TuTuApp iOS 14, it is an app that allows installation of paid apps, games and themes for free. It has a cross-platform support that means TuTuApp VIP is available for both the Android and iOS devices. We’ll discuss the features and functionalities of the app,…

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TutuApp Lite

TutuApp Lite iOS 14 FREE Download! Tutu Lite APK!

TutuApp Lite Since how long are you facing issues in your TutuApp regular or VIP version? If the problem is still not solved then it’s time to download TutuApp Lite iOS 14 & APK both. This is happening because the regular & VIP version both have revoked again and again. Same is the case with AppValley but they haven’t yet found a solution. Due to this issue, the developers have now released Tutu lite iOS! So wondering what’s new in TutuApp Lite? Well, it’s nothing but the…

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TuTuApp iOS 14 Free Download. Install TuTu App Android APK!

TuTuApp Free Download Now install all paid apps for free using TuTu App. Download TutuApp APK Android for FREE NOW. It is one of the finest apps which allows you to download the paid apps for free! Yes, you heard that right! Be it an Android app or iOS 14 app, you are sure to get the most popular paid apps for free with TuTuApp VIP. It is one of the best apps to get Paid Apps for Free! It is also known as Bunny Assistant due…

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Movie Time App

Download Movietime App to Watch Latest HD Movies Free!

MovieTime App So how often do you watch movies online? Well, if you’re addicted to watch crystal clear HD movies online, you are sure to fall in love with the newest HD movie app called MovieTime! Users can now download HD movies and can also watch within in the Movie Time App once installed on their devices. The Movietime App has a staggering interface and easy to navigate menu! That’s what every user wants in an app, isn’t it? Brace yourselves as you’re going to watch the…

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Best Thermometer Apps

10 Best Thermometer Apps for Android & iOS Users!

Thermometer is an instrument that measures and indicates the temperature. It might be body temperature or a room temperature, thermometer is a handy device. Of course, you cannot carry the instrument on the go and hence, you must make better use of technology in such cases. I am talking about few useful thermometer apps that are available for both Android and iOS users. Without carrying a thermometer, you can measure the temperature around you or your body temperature with the help of these temperature measuring apps. With…

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