10 Best Free Educational Websites and Softwares for Kids

When I was talking about parental control for Android based tablets, smartphones to my neighbor today, he asked me, are there any useful educational websites and softwares for kids. The world is following smart technology and the technology has empowered people to do more of a comfort of their home. There are many projects running that provides free educational software to kids. Even, Microsoft word, excel, paint could come under such category. However, not all of them are free. In the past, we covered some useful games like Chess for iPhone, which can help developing kids mind. Moreover, there are many free notepad alternatives available which can be used to take quick notes and do much more. Here am compiling lists of useful educational softwares and websites for kids. This includes educational games online, e learning materials, math applications that can help kids to learn math easily and overall it has to be best summer activities for kids.

Gone are the days where kids use to spend time with their coloring books, pencils, crayons and playing with other kids in the field. This generation kid wants to spend their time totally into computers and gadgets, playing Xbox games, video games, learning with their iPad or Android tablets. This is what infographic talks about kids who have been growing up with new media. Before I list out some of the best educational websites and softwares for kids, as a parent you should know about why you should allow your kids to play computer games.

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The scientific research tells us that computer games stimulate the brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine helps orient attention and encourages the creation of connections between neurons. These connections are the physical basics of learning.

Another surprising fact for you – Under the education category in Apple’s app store, 80% of the paid education apps target children. 72% target pre-school children. From this you can understand how kids these days are attracted towards computers and tablets. The statistics show a firm rise in educational apps for kids who use Android and iPad tablets. Today we offer you a compilation of softwares and educational activities for children between 3 to 12 years.

Kids learning station

Childsplay software

Childsplay is free software for kids, who love to learn alphabets, letters, images etc. Mainly used for pre-school and kindergarten. It teaches them memory activities that are fun to play and also kids can learn the co-ordination between mouse and keyboard. You can download the software for free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Dr.Geo, be a geometer!

With this software kids can learn geometry and some physics too visually and interactively. Kids can construct and manipulate interactive geometric models. It is very useful one for junior high school kids. It allows one to create a geometric model you can manipulate according to its constraints. It is usable at home or at school, in primary or secondary education level. It even has an android app and iPad app too.

newton telescope

G Compris Educational Suite

G compris is a complete educational suite for children between 2 to 10 years. The educational suite consists of games and other subject oriented activities such as algebra, science, geography, reading practice, games like Sudoku, puzzles, paintings, cartoon making, etc. Cartoon making, vector drawing, interactive puzzles and other features of G compris make is a one of the best educational software for the kid that costs you nothing. It has more than 100 activities for your kids. Don’t miss this brilliant freeware.

g compris


Geogebra is mathematical software that comprises geometry, algebra, tables, graphing and calculus in one easy to use package. This software has won the National Technology Leadership Award. In a nutshell, it consists of interactive geometry, algebra and calculus software. The visual interface and formulas help kids learning complex algebra and other maths related questions quickly. Even, there is a free material available to start with. A must have tool for your kids to learn mathematics easily.


KDE Education Project

Based on the KDE technologies, they make lot of free educational softwares for kids, adults. Their software portal has categorized apps based on age and subject. Their main target is kids aged between 3 to 18. They have apps for pre-schoolers, schoolers and universities. They have both educational software and games. Kletters helps kids to learn letters, Pairs is a memory game, KBruch is a math tool to help with fractions, Kalzium helps with the periodic table of elements. Must check the website and most useful one!


Mathwar is a simple math game where kids have to solve simple mathematical functions like addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. The challenge will be provided in an interactive flashcard to ensure to draw the attention of the kid. Not only, it will keep your kid engaged but also will inspire him to actively participate in it. Kids need to answer the math problem before the computer answers them. It can be easily tailored to fit different skill levels.



Scratch is a project by MIT Media lab. It allows you to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. Share it with the community on scratch. There are over 3 million project shared on this platform. You can view them and get inspired to create and execute your own project. Overall, Scartch is something that will make your child much more creative. Must give it a shot as we consider it as one of the best free educational website out there.


Notepad / WordPad application for kids

Abiword – this is similar to Microsoft word. It allows you to collaborate with multiple people at the same time on a document. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. If you know Microsoft Word then you’ll find yourself in a familiar territory with Abiword.


Notecase Pro – NoteCase Pro is designed to quickly capture, organize, protect, access, and recycle your information. The paid version provides more freedom. You can easily make quick notes and save them. Moreover, you’ll be able to unlock autocomplete, symbols, spell checker, multi-level undo/redo using the pro version.

notecase pro

OOo4Kids project

OOo4kidsIt is a complete office suite for kids aged between 7 to 12 years. It has 4 modules such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing tool. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux users. There are a plethora of features available in this. Moreover, it is an open source project so you’d always be able to enjoy a full-fledged version for free.

These are some of the tools that I found useful for kids. If you had any website or useful software that isn’t listed above, feel free to mention below in the comments.

Srivathsan G.K is an Android enthusiast and writes about setting up parental controls on Android tablets in his blog Madras Geek. Follow him on twitter @dangerdiabolick

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