Why Is It Necessary to Have Mobile Friendly Website?

Why you need to focus on a mobile friendly website? Back in 2009, smartphone was a distant dream for many. However, things changed quickly after the arrival of Apple’s iPhone. It wasn’t so long ago that smartphones were new and exciting, and in a way that excitement is still there because smartphones are constantly changing and adding new features. One of the best features to be added to these phones is the ability to surf the web from the phone, and in 2013 Forbes Magazine, MSN.com, and Consumers.org all predicted that mobile web searches would surpass traditional internet usage. For this reason alone it is a good idea to make sure your business site is mobile compatible or mobile friendly. There are other reasons, though, that your site should be found on mobile web. Previously, we mentioned why is it necessary to have a responsive mobile friendly theme. Now is the time to understand the importance of a mobile friendly website.

Gain More Customers

iOS users are said to be a good buyer. Even, Android and other prominent OS developers are making a mobile browsing more interesting. If you want to gain the attention of younger consumers, you need to have a site they can access on a platform they use. In those consumer reports, it was stated that 18 to 30 year-old adults used mobile web more than any other age range, and of those surveyed they each said they used mobile web more than traditional internet. What this means for you is that if you want them to see your business, you need to be present on mobile. Not only is your presence required, though, but you must have an easy-to-use and functional site that will draw them in. Finally, to get them interested in your main site, always link back to it on the mobile site. Mobile maps and applications are used in abundance. Due to the shrinking size mobile is becoming handy option for the users to keep in touch with daily things. Instead of carrying a laptop, people prefer to carry smartphone or tablet. A unique program like Clashot gives a opportunity to earn money from iOS device. This alone is a good enough example how big companies are leveraging mobile platform. Read our detail review of Clashot.

mobile friendly theme

Retain Customers

To retain customers that may already enjoy your current site, you should transfer your main site to a mobile compatible format. Many online web design sites will offer this for free, but if you don’t want to hire one, you can always look for an Android or iPhone website template online to use and do the work yourself. This will save you money, but be certain to test it before launching because consumers are not likely to revisit a site that didn’t work when it was first launched. Customers like to purchase product from the friendly and trusted website. If your design leaves a lasting impression on the consumer, then you can easily retain the customer.

mobile friendly website

Enhance Your Business

Finally, you need a mobile site to enhance the business you already have. If you have changed any features of your business, for instance, you can update them on the mobile site instantly and people will see the change. For example, if your phone number has changed and someone tries calling you but can’t reach you on your old number, they may search for you from their phone. If your number is updated online and you have the “click-to-call” feature installed, the client simply touches their phone screen where it says “call” and they are instantly connected to you without having to search for your new number. This convenience helps keep you connected to clients with little effort on either end of the relationship.

Mobile websites aren’t just a cool new feature to have; they are now a necessity if you want to enhance your business, retain customers, and gain new business. Having a mobile site is convenient for you and your customers, and it helps drive business to your main site, which helps with advertisement. This is a technological trend businesses cannot ignore. Mobile friendly website is a necessary evil for every serious business owner. Most of the prominent websites are now mobile friendly and more websites are prepping itself towards the same.

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