Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Bloggers and Writers
Best Collection of Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Bloggers

Best Collection of Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Bloggers

microsoft word shortcut keysMicrosoft Word is an extremely useful program to manage your notes, project reports and for billions of other daily routine work. Even as a blogger, people like me always use Microsoft word to handle routine errands including checking up for asinine grammatical errors that we often tend to make while writing a post. Microsoft Word is a handy tool to fine tune your post or fixing such silly errors, but it’s a cumbersome job and often requires lots of effort on our side.

Then there is a time limitation which often force us to perform such routine job efficiently and subtly. In such case, manually performing the different formatting and fine tuning related task can be time consuming. However, smart use of already available Microsoft word shortcut keys can not only save your time but also results in better output. Have you noticed the previous word ‘Microsoft Word shortcut keys’  phrase in bold? It was achieved using shortcut keys called Ctrl+B. Our smart readers must be aware of such basic keyboard shortcuts, hence we will try to cover only few important less known shortcut keys in details.

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are some of the extremely useful shortcuts for aspiring writers. It will help blogger friends as well.

Increase/ Decrease Specific Fonts

Writers often like to increase the font size of first word of the post or paragraph. In MS word, all you have to do is select desired character or word and press CTRL+ } to increase the font size of that particular element. Alternatively, you can choose CTRL+ { to decrease the font size (it increases or decreases font by 1pt only).

increase decrease font size shortcut keys word

There is also another keyboard shortcut key called CTRL+ SHIFT+ > to increase the font size by 2pt or 1pt. You can use CTRL+ SHIFT+ < to decrease the font by 1pt or 2pt (threshold value is 12pt)

In case if you want to change font family you can utilize CTRL+ SHIFT+ F key.

Insert webpage link/ Hyperlink

Now, how often do you reference to your own website or some other webpage? Those who write CV or letter to other and want to reference to their previous work or portfolio can easily insert the link using Microsoft Word shortcut key called CTRL+K.

insert hyperlink

Navigating Between Paragraphs/ Words etc

People often use End and Home button t reach to end and beginning of the line. This is the quickest way to navigate between line. How about jumping from one paragraph to next one? How can you reach home and end of the document? Is it possible to navigate to next or previous word so you can replace them with synonyms or correct them at the least?

Users can use CTRL+ UP ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROW to navigate quickly between paragraphs. It is self explanatory. Now instead of using UP and Down arrow you can use LEFT and RIGHT arrow to quickly move between the words. Use CTRL+ Right arrow to move to one word to the right.

In case if you want to delete the entire word then you can use CTRL+ Backspace or CTRL+ DEL according to your need.

Triple clicking on mouse left click will select the entire paragraph. This will let you other operations on the paragraphs like right alignment (CTRL+ R), left alignment (CTRL+ L), center (CTRL+ E) and justification (CTRL+ J).

Use Headings or H tags

Headings is a simple way to create various sub topics and differentiate them using h tags. Bloggers often use H tags to leverage inherent SEO advantage. Naturally, headings have different font size so you can easily understand the difference. In Microsoft word H1 to H3 tags can be applied quickly using CTRL+ ALT+ 1 or CTRL+ ALT+ 2 or CTRL+ ALT+ 3 respectively.

Basic Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

  • CTRL+ A- select whole document
  • CTRL+ C- copy selected text
  • CRTL+ X – cut selected text
  • CTRL+V – paste selected text
  • CTRL+ Z- undo
  • CTRL+ Y- redo
  • CTRL+ SHIFT+ L- apply bullet point
  • CTRL+ B- bold text
  • CTRL+ i- italic text
  • CTRL+ u- underscore
  • CTRL+ M: Indent

If you’re interested in learning more such office shortcut keys, then you can refer this document which enlist all the keyboard shortcuts. Our aim is to provide only most useful Microsoft word shortcut keys to the aspiring writers and blogger.

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