5 Best Ways to Use Mobile Advertising

With over half of Americans now in possession of a smartphone with a data plan, according to Pew research, it is vital that every business seeking to expand does so into the mobile market. However, many companies are missing out on one essential key element of mobile marketing: advertising. While advertising on websites is so commonplace as to be routine after twenty years of Internet ads, mobile ads are still a burgeoning industry, and many mobile designers don’t quite know how to handle the sudden influx of a new kind of advertisement. Knowing how to utilize this new medium will help bring more traffic to your site, and ultimately, will connect customers with your product. Mobile friendly websites are still a distant thing for many website owners. Responsive webdesign and responsive ads are now replacing old designs. However, there is still a room for an improvement.

How to Effectively Use Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is a boom now. Advertisers are shifting their focus from traditional website to mobile friendly website. Mobile apps, in-app purchase are also a prime target. With increased use of mobile applications, it has become a necessary evil for the app developer to promote their product. Lets see how to effectively use mobile advertising for a maximum benefit.

landing page for mobile advertisement

Don’t Forget A Landing Page

When you visit a new website for a company, you don’t want to be taken to the most current trends of their new product line—you want to be taken to a proper landing page. Any website, mobile, responsive, or traditionally-sized, should immediately take the user to a landing page that displays contact information and basic information about the company, along with at least one of its most popular products. This is especially true about mobile websites, which make it much more difficult for customers unfamiliar with the new size restrictions to navigate. When your customers know exactly where they are and what they’ll receive from your page, they’re more likely to feel at ease, making them more likely to linger and return. The one exception to the landing page rule is if you’re running an exclusive mobile site-only promotion—in that case, take your customers directly to the promotion. While SEO is important, but converting the visitor into the customer is also equally important. Perhaps, you should look at some of the best Chrome extension for SEO which we covered earlier.

Allow User Interactivity

The old ad model of a flashing or brightly-colored banner is a thing of the past. While it is still important to grab a user’s attention as quickly as possible, more important still is to keep that attention squarely focused on your product. Two good examples of user interactive apps are in the Tron: Legacy advertisement and the current run of BMW ads. In both, the user is able to click on the ad and immediately have control, immersing himself or herself in the ad in a way that was never possible with billboards. Your ad is only a finger’s length away at all times; take advantage of the customer’s curiosity with interactivity. This is one of the most important aspects of mobile advertising in the modern age. Unnecessary background should also be removed from the image. Learn how to do that.

website speed improvement

Keep Load Times Down

Nothing is a faster antidote to a customer’s curiosity than a wait time. If you are lucky enough to have a customer click on your ad, it is of the utmost importance that you keep that user’s attention. The worst way to do that is by having a page that takes forever to load. Upgrade your server and streamline your site as much as possible to avoid making your customers angry enough to click away before seeing what you can do.

user interaction

Include A Call To Action

Your customer must have a reason to click your ad today. Whether your deal is evergreen or seasonal, if you have no reason for your customer to immediately visit your website, even an interested party is likely going to pass by your ad. Include an ad that expires soon, an offer that is short-lived, or anything that is about to be revealed. Customers need an excuse to interrupt their routine for an ad; give them one.

ad blindness

Change Your Ad Often

Ad invisibility is a huge problem for mobile advertisers. Ad blindness is one of the major issue with the people. People go ad blind within 1 or 2 weeks. When customers see your ad many times, they become inured to the same images over and over. Fortunately, there is an easy fix; by varying the look of your ad, you can keep customers looking at your space as if it’s the first time. With the lightning-fast information transfer of the Internet, you can replace your ads as often as your designers can produce them.

Aforementioned tactics are surefire way to get maximum out of your mobile advertising. It’ll not only improve user experience but interaction as well.

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